June 27, 2020

*** This hand was suggested by ras2829
65*-58  ?
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Saturday 3:16 AM
I prefer the more defensive keep on the pegging and a possible more upside in the crib. dec
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Saturday 3:19 AM
This can be a good pegging hand against non dealer holding face cards and fives. Play the four on the face card lead. If the count goes to 24, play your three and you often net 4 pegs.
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Saturday 3:21 AM
Object lesson today: 23 is a good discard?

Helps of course that TJA4 is a reasonable hand.

Main question is pegging: T to K or Q seems ok with 31-2 following TQJ Our 4 won't be trapped next time because we hold the J.

Following the T/J lead replying J/T is bad, so do we take the 4 points by pairing and 31 but risk 6? I think we do

Lead of 4 is less than 1/3 in general to be pair royal, so we could pair it, but on the other hand if we send back the T (not the J, pone rarely tosses it), then we can pair following 15-2

Following an A lead same applies except in general an A lead is more likely to be from a pair, so pairing it is riskier.

5 cut is good in general as dealer,and we can hope pone has tossed X cards.
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Saturday 3:26 AM
Lots of choices for the crib today: 2-3, A-4, and T-J. A chance to put 2-3 in my crib and still have a good hand remaining.
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Saturday 3:41 AM
2 3 to my crib leaves me with a pretty good hand.
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Saturday 3:48 AM
This arrangement has been dissected over the decades by all of the best players, with a definite conclusion about the best discard, which is: It Depends.

The traditional research (let us say, over the past three decades) has found that Toss (2 3) will usually out-perform Toss (X X); that is, unless we have 'touching' Ten Cards and one of them is a Jack.

Toss (T J) is therefore preferred in several situations. But I'm just not sure that this is one of them! RAS often has us looking at (0*-0), or sometimes he places us near a Critical Position Zone, as we find ourselves today at (65*-58).

We have a lead and we are dealing, and few places on at least the first half of the board would this present any problem. But at Hole 65, we are starting out a full Five Holes shy of our desired target of Hole 70. We need to step it up a bit!

Meanwhile, our Opponent just needs to gain a few holes above average as Pone in order to start Next Deal as Dealer at or beyond Hole 70, something we have already failed to accomplish.

In fact, if this were a Track and Field Event, this is when good coaching teaches a runner NEVER to peek back over his or her shoulder. Because, yes, the Opponent will be RIGHT THERE!

And so, while I wouldn't necessarily trade positions with our Opponent here, I don't think we have much to brag about, either. It would really help if we played this hand precisely.

And this is when I feel most comfortable with the 'tried and true' Toss (2 3) discard, which gives our hand a good opportunity for, while perhaps not the most pegging, but some reliable and safe pegging. And it also energizes our Crib with one of the best discards in Cribbage.

Toss (T J) is a better choice in several 'corner' cases with this arrangement, and it maybe could work well today. But in this position, I feel a lot more comfortable after Toss (2 3). This well-balanced approach should allow us to 'stay in the fight' for a positional advantage, something we've not yet been able to secure in this game.
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Saturday 4:10 AM
As John mentions above, I seem to recall reading on here that 2-3 is the better discard from this sort of hand unless the X cards are T-J or Q-J.
Not entirely sure if I'm misremembering though, so I've stuck with the more "conventional" 2-3.
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Saturday 5:20 AM
I like the pegging potential of this hand as glmccuskey has described above. Every cut in the deck improves this hand and we have the touching faces in the crib. If the faces were gap/non-touching ‘faces’ such as 10-Q, J-K, 10-K, or on the end as Q-K, I would discard 2-3.
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Saturday 5:22 AM
Pretty standard fare. If there was a flush to consider, I may have gone that way. The problem with A4XX and 23 in the crib is 6789 does nothing for either the hand or crib, and you might end up with a measly 4 + 2.

I'd like to start next deal at hole 80. Since I can only account for 11 points, peg aggressive.
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Saturday 7:08 AM
Well we had discussion on this hand about 6 weeks ago. Generally will throw 23 with this type of configuration, but with 10J or JQ, the consensus was those touching facecards should be the exceptions, as pointed out by JQT and Mike. So a change of thinking on my part, as I believe Rob and Ras both also agreed with this strategy. And the bonus of the pegging strategy enumerated by Gary.
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Saturday 7:08 AM
Maybe a-2-3-4 is better for pure hand+crib+pegs, though I doubt it. But regardless this is a defensive position, +21/-2, and this is better for defense. We don't want our opponent to get near 70.
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Saturday 8:01 AM
Adding 26 to both hands, wouldn't the analagous position be 91*-84 (which actually strengthens your argument)?
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Saturday 8:10 AM
I always love tossing 5-5, 2-3, 5-J, or 7-8 in my crib. Gougie makes a good point about the 6-7-8-9 but with 3 "extra" cards working with my crib, mathematically I think the 2-3 is best. Will it overcome the advantage A-2-3-4 has with pegging? I think so.
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Saturday 2:21 PM
At 65*-58 playing an Defense strategy for the pegging the dynamic expected averages and Win/Loss %s are:

Defense__Hand_Pegs____Crib_Total____W4 %____W4 %

Defense______L4 %____L4 %

2-3 is best for expected averages by 0.86pt and is appreciably best for Win %s a nd slightly lowest for Loss %s. So I'll select 2-3 to discard.

After the 5 cut I'll play Offense to the lead.
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Saturday 4:16 PM
Putting a 5 into my crib. 2-3 since the ace gives me a magic 11
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Saturday 5:16 PM
Have submitted this or similar puzzles 2-3 times per year. with opponent at hole 58 needing to deal from 3rd Street CPZ (69-73) and dealer short of that zone by four holes, def., def., def. wanting to limit n/d to 8-9 points or fewer. Would pair a 10 or Jack as a lead as if tripled RAS scores 31-2picking up four pegs while giving up six. Otherwise would not play on the lead. The A-4-10-J does a little better than A-2-3-4 if choosing defense pegging strategy. If were at 69-73, would choose an offensive pegging strategy and the A-2-3-4 would flip-flop as the better choice. So another element enters the picture with choice of pegging strategy. HalscribCLX shows the numbers. Be flexible enough to retain cards that support posiiton and chosen pegging strategy.