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94-86*  ?
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Joined: October 2008

Friday 3:08 AM
Yes, I know that I have been guilty in both the present and the past of dubbing Toss (7 9) as "The Curse," but we shall likely be cursed here if we *don't* Toss (7 9).

Toss (7 9) *only* averages about one lousy point worse than Toss (7 T), which incidentally is probably our best defensive resource, so why indeed not Toss (7 9)?

If we're *bold* here, we lead the Ten Card; otherwise, we might usually choose to lead the Trey.

But as we're likely to be in a very *defensive* mood and posture here, some might wish to be more 'tentative' today and thus lead an Ace.

How's *that* for covering all of the bases?! I'll in fact lead the Trey, since another Trey was Cut. Focus on defense today.
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Joined: June 2013

Friday 3:39 AM
Close to my desired position, so won't take any risks with 7-9. Only cuts of 777,8888 won't help me. Ace lead from my A9A eleven.
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Joined: April 2008

Friday 3:42 AM
7-9 no but 7-10 a lot less riskier. Once again its mostly about what they get here. Ace lead. No pegging.No crib. Await next deal. dec
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Joined: March 2008

Friday 4:14 AM
That was pleasant. I was afraid that an 8 would show up as the starter. Time for a little defense. Lead the ace and play off? What happens in the ace is paired?
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Joined: March 2016

Friday 4:53 AM
I think we need to push forward and toss 7-9 which as has been said previously, is less than a point difference between this toss and 7-T. Expected averages favor 7-9.
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Joined: April 2011

Friday 5:53 AM
Keeping the 9-10 with the aces gives me a good chance to score 3-4 points at the end of the count. Also, to much upside to 7-9.
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Joined: March 2009

Friday 6:33 AM
I always cut an eight when I do this but I keep doing it.