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*** This hand was suggested by Andy (muesli64)
94-92*  ?
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Wednesday 3:08 AM
They are short J-10 sounds like a possibility of a good crib. While a dozen plus hand wpuld be pretty deep do not think I can get into that last bar with the ability to peg out next hand before its count. Defense. dec
BigFoot Bob
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Wednesday 3:08 AM
I would rather toss the X-J to the dealers crib than the 6-7.
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Wednesday 3:23 AM
I chose the stronger hand and a weaker toss to dealer in this position.
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Wednesday 4:29 AM
I've learned to be conservative from here. Don't want to give opponent a shot at 16+. And keeping the 5-6 together still give me potential for a big hand as well as "magic 11". Lead the 6.
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Wednesday 4:45 AM
I will hold the double run. Lead the 7, dump the 5s.
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Wednesday 6:00 AM
At this stage of the game, six points for me is plenty. I'll choose 10-6 in order to slow the Dealer down.
As I know where 2 fives are, I'll lead the Jack.
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Wednesday 6:11 AM
Dreaming big today
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Wednesday 6:12 AM
I'll keep six points and deal next from 100 plus. Dealer a a couple points short and 6-10 is the worst discard from this mix. I'll lead the Jack.
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Wednesday 6:26 AM
I'm with glmccuskey here.
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Wednesday 6:35 AM
A 16 or 17 hand, even with a couple pegs, does not get us out, or even close enough to peg out next hand.Good bye 610.
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Wednesday 8:02 AM
Let me be the first one to state that I just couldn't sacrifice 2 or 4 points here. The possibility of 21 points was just too much to pass up. I'm dreaming even bigger than spunlex I guess.

Well that didn't work. Leading my J in order to be rid of it; and like james500 says; I know where 2 fives are.

BTW, my wife and I are headed to Brookline, NH this weekend for the 7th annual Granite State Cribbage Classic. Come and give me another cribbage lesson all you people on the northeast coast; as the northwest peggers did two weeks ago.
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Wednesday 8:19 AM
I will discard as defensively as I can. Dealer is short and I need to keep her there. Will take only the safest pegs.
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Wednesday 12:29 PM
Thanks for the lesson about the 5-5-7-J. As you can tell, I went with the slightly more conservative approach. Which hand is better when playing defense?
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Wednesday 1:47 PM
After having got timed out twice, have moved over to textmaker, will edit and copy to CHOD site. Actually this if a very good puzzle thanks to AndyMuesli64. Want to organize my thoughts as they pertain. Dealer is three holes short of 4th street CPZ (95-99), and RAS needs to reach that zone to deal. No real incentive for me to have a hjigh-scoring hand here; slowing dealer progress is more important. When dealer is 2-5 holes short to deal in this final leg of the game, I have very good results winning by slowing dealer than by being overly concerned about my moving down the board. Having said that, I would have retaind hand with a chance for 24-29 points. Here the best I could score would be 21 points by finding one card (the 5h) in the remaining 46. Then it comes down to which cards to retain as have decided to discard 10 spot with the 6 or 7. Those averages are about equal. That 5-5-6 combination does not work well for the non-dealer although often works well for dealer. So the 5-5-7 is much preferable and the 7 often becomes the key card in getting the non-dealer out of pegging difficult as the count may be advanced to 22 or more. See posting of jazzselke above, replies, and responses to get a clearer view of how these cards work. So have decided on a defense strategy and will play off dealer response to my cards where possible. Do I lead the Jack or a five? Prefer the lead of the Jack as it allows me to outpeg the dealer should all four fives be in play. If dealer makes 15-2 on my Jack lead, I pair for count of 20 and score two pegs. If dealer played the five spot from a pair, likely will peg the six pegs for the triple and advance the count to 25. I respond to advance the count o 30, score 12 pegs, and a “go” most often. So I have pegged 15 holes to the dealer 8 and know that I have reached a minimum of hole 115. Turn that over and lead the five and dealer outpegs me a likely 15 holes to my 8 pegs for the 15-8. And is is very unlikely that all four fives will be in play; my goal is to avoid pegs. Want to drop one of those fives as my second card played. Would do so if the dealer responds to my Jack lead with A, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, or K. That would leave me with 5-7 and the likely lead. Would lead the five if looking at A, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, or, 9 on the dealer side of the table. What? You would lead yhe five even if seeing 3-4 or 4-6 on the other side? Sure would as my experience suggests that opponent will peg more if I keep that lone 5 until final card played. Will come out better (often not giving up pegs at all by leading it and escape with the 7 as last carfd played. Would lead the 7 if large cards are on the table. Better to take your chances on holdinga lone 7 rather than a lone 5 until end of pegging play. That five is so easy to pickoff with 3-4, 4-6, or 6-7 for a run of three, and a go, or 15-2 as would be the case with the 4-6. By the way in previous queries I’ve run on these cards from these positions with the Cribbage Prof, the 5-5-10-J with the 6-7 discard is recommended. Sorry Prof, I’m playing it this way and that’s one of the reasons I’m leading the Prof in this 1,000 game series by 62 wins
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Wednesday 3:08 PM
I think the choices are 5-5-10-J (6-7), 5-5-6-J (7-10) and 5-5-6-7 (10-J):

5-5-10-J: 10pts - 6pts (Schell: 6.42) = 4pts
5-5-6-J: 6pts - 4¼pts (Schell: 4.31) = 2¾pts
5-5-6-7: 8pts - 5¾pts (Schell: 5.63) = 2¼pts


5-5-10-J: Improves with 55, 9999 + 15xXs = 21 cuts = 21/46 = 45.6% up to 13/14/16/17/20pts with all cuts.

5-5-6-J: Improves with 4444, 55, 666, 777, 9999 + 14xXs = 30 cuts = 30/46 = 65.2% up to 10/12/14/16pts with 4444, 55, 777 + 14xXs = 23 cuts.

5-5-6-7: Improves with 2222, 3333, 4444, 55, 666, 777, 8888, 9999 + 14xXs = 42cuts = 42/46 = 91.3% up to 10/12/14/16/17pts with all cuts.


I think all these hands will peg quite well but I think 5-5-6-7 will peg best.


We're very close to par-hole and so is Dealer I think we need to peg cautiously to keep Dealer short.


5-5-10-J has the best starting value but 5-5-6-7 has tremendous potential for 10-17pts with 42 cuts. Also I think the 10-J discard is safer than 6-7 plus perhaps 5-5-6-7 will peg better? A 5 lead possibly? So I'll throw the 10-J.
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Wednesday 4:14 PM
At 94-92* playing an Optimal strategy for the pegging (cautious offense) the dynamic expected averages and Win/Loss %s are:

Optimal____Hand__Pegs____Crib___Total___W1 %__W2 %

Optimal________L1 %___L2 %

5-5-10-J is best for expected averages by 1.56pts over 5-5-6-7 and is also best for Win %s. 5-5-6-J and 5-5-7-J are much better for Loss %s because of the much safer 7-10 and 6-10 discards but because of the much higher expected averages and Win %s for 5-5-10-J I'll select the 6-7 to discard.

After the A cut I'll lead the 10 and play Defense:

Lead__Dealer's Pegging Pts._W1 %__W2 %__L1 %__L2 %