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Monday 3:03 AM
I like Keep (4 5 6 K) and Toss (T Q) today.

I particularly don't like the FLUSH, because it is so S-P-R-E-A-D O-U-T. This FLUSH is the sort of hand that is ideal in a "Prevent Pegging" scenario, and this puzzle is NOT quite that.

Regarding Toss (T Q) vs. Toss (Q K) in Our Crib; we've had this discussion quite a few times already in the past, so let me just summarize it here: There is NOTHING that Toss (Q K) can do for Our Crib that Toss (T Q) cannot do and do slightly BETTER.

Few players will dispute this and yet some players may argue that they don't like having the King in their hand as opposed to the Ten; but since Our Hand only gets ONE helper (the Cut Card), I therefore don't agree with this. The King is also a better card should we require DEFENSIVE pegging in this situation.

The Crib however gets THREE helpers (the two cards Discarded from Pone, PLUS the Cut Card) and therefore if we Toss (T Q), it is possible to have points that can come from any three cards that include: 8-9-T, 9-T-J, T-J-Q, J-Q-K.

But notice that if we instead Toss (Q K), that these cards only show up in HALF of those possible RUNs. And when we extend our examination out to either Four-Card or Five-Card RUNs, it makes this concept even more compelling.

And it's not at all about how OFTEN we may get a Three-, or Four-, or especially a Five-Card-RUN: these are of course exceedingly rare: but from this arrangement of cards, it COSTS US NOTHING to Toss (T Q) as compared to Toss (Q K), so why not make the discard that enables more scoring?

Well, there go my plans to "just summarize it."
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Monday 3:03 AM
I see the flush but elect to keep the seven I have right now. Pegging cards also. dec
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Monday 3:14 AM
I, too thought that the King would be an escape card but I originally chose to toss Q-K to my crib as it is slightly higher in combined value than T-Q. The cut of a King gives the hand two more points and my crib 2 points for a total of 11 points. Tossing T-Q the hand gets four more points in comparison. No flush today.
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Monday 5:06 AM
The toss of 10=Q was easy. The play is the tough part because I need to get as close as possible with out the dealer pegging. Too aggressive the pone either goes out this deal or pegs out next. Too defensive and I end up short and lose by 5 or so. Help me Underdog!

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Monday 5:18 AM
As JQT has deduced, this puzzle was submitted to allow discussion and analysis of the QK vs QT comparison. As it happens, in the time between me entering this hand and it being featured today, a few other submissions have been featured that asked that same question, leaving today's puzzle a little redundant.

FWIW, I too favour 10-Q.
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Monday 6:04 AM
4-5-6 is to powerful to breakup. 10-Q is a better discard than Q-K.
BigFoot Bob
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Monday 6:48 AM
I am discarding the K-Q this morning.
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Monday 7:53 AM
RAS flushes often! That's at a rate even in excess of HalscribCLX. No interest here in keeping flush for four points. In fact the flush would be 4th on the list here with Q-K, 10-Q, and even the lowly 10-K as discards with the higher potential value. Combined value (pegs, hand score, and crib score) gives the edge to tossing the X-pointers. Am sure HalscribCLX will show this with greater detail. Rosemarie44 points out the slightly greater value of the Q-K discard to own crib. Start with 7 points and a chance to cut 16. Based on my empirical data Q-K 3.483 (2,034), 10-Q 3.110 (837), and 10-K 2.836 (888). None of these are good discard combinations and Q-K and 10-Q require a cut of the Jack since opponent will hold the Jack with most any set of cards. The Q-K has the higher average, primarily because of the frequent K discards from opponent and the King adds nothing to 10-Q. I will peg optimally with opponent needing 17 points to win on this deal.
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Monday 8:54 AM
I am tossing the KQ. I prefer discarding touching cards to my crib. Maybe a low potential for additional points. As pointed out, either way I need a J cut. I can only speculate what the pone will discard, but at this point the pone needs a good hand since I will count three hands to the pones one.
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Monday 9:28 AM
At the conclusion of this hand we should end up at between 112 and 115. We will need a 6-8 point hand at the next deal. Unfortunately The dealer may be in a position 3-4 holes to peg out.
Lead the 4.