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39-30*  ?
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Joined: April 2008

Tuesday 3:32 AM
I believe I can get away with an 8-9 here. Offense. Queen lead. dec
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Joined: March 2016

Tuesday 3:56 AM
Tossing 9-Q usually only worth 2 points to dealer. Hand has the highest expected averages.
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Tuesday 4:16 AM
Combination of offense and defense. Would like to hold 6 to get to Hole 46, but that would require a toss of 58, 88 or 89. Opponent is significantly short so I believe we can hold our advantage by seeing the cut card, and then adjust to how we peg, and then how to play the next hand based on our new position.
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Tuesday 5:29 AM
I only need a few points to reach my goal, so am tempted by Q-9, rather than to risk 8-8 or 8-9.
I'll go a step further today, (and probably a step too far), and try Q-8c.

All cuts bar a 3 or 4 = 38/46 will improve my hand, although I am starting with 4 fewer points than I would be with 5-5-Q-?, which may well prove to be too much of a sacrifice.

38 cards = 6 lots of 6 cards, plus 2 singles =
38 cards = (6*13%) + (2*2%) =
38 cards = 78% + 4% =
38 cards = 82% of the remaining deck.