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*** This hand was suggested by Inushtuk1
69-73*  ?
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BigFoot Bob
537 votes

Joined: April 2016

Thursday 3:09 AM
3774 votes

Joined: April 2008

Thursday 3:11 AM
That sure is a shiny lure there lets see if I can steal the bait here. Looks like I might have escaped with the prize here possibly. Play the percentages and position that the cut might be ours alone. Eight lead, I am not a big fan of a possible six or five response here. dec
613 votes

Joined: March 2016

Thursday 3:14 AM
I am going for it! Starting with eight points and a possibility of 16 maximum vs. three points and a maximum of 8 points tossing the balking cards of 10-K (usually worth 2 points in opponent's crib).
263 votes

Joined: May 2016

Thursday 3:41 AM
Position Position. I need help to get my next CPZ. Opponent is already there. Playing defense not my nature anyway. Go for it KK away. Go find some horses for your kingdoms.
707 votes

Joined: November 2014

Thursday 5:34 AM
Great minds think alike... strongly feel I have to keep the double run.
1560 votes

Joined: June 2013

Thursday 6:14 AM
I doubt it'll be the optimum hold, but I'd like to see how 10-K would fare, especially since I have another of each.

King lead.
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Joined: June 2016

Thursday 7:51 AM
The only way I can possibly reach the desired board position is to "go for it!"

BINGO! Lead the 8 and hope the net of 10 points plus pegging points is enough to get us where we want to be on our deal.
842 votes

Joined: March 2009

Thursday 8:08 AM
Sneaky Inushtuk! This exact scenario is in DeLynn's book in his chapter on position,how do I remember these things? Our opponent is just past the CPZ, we will be there dealing next hand with just a couple points. We are 26 points from the NEXT one, we can't get there with a 16 hand. So its defense for me.
3299 votes

Joined: March 2008

Thursday 8:40 AM
Gambit paid off. Always a worry when I have to give my opponent points. Lead the 9?
360 votes

Joined: July 2016

Thursday 9:29 AM
Sorry DeLynn. I know you're a five time national champion, and have about 50,000 more MRP's than me; but I have to disagree with you on this one. The cut hit my hand. God only knows how much damage I did by tossing the cowboys. Offense on the lead of the 8.
Sgt Pegger
68 votes

Joined: July 2017

Thursday 10:01 AM
For me in this position....this is a no-brainer.
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Joined: October 2008

Thursday 10:24 AM
Given that 'Dealing from Beyond Hole 70' is the coveted positional goal of Third Street, would we rather be Pone or Dealer today?

Since we're now Pone and since we may have already in a sense met that goal ourselves, throwing points to our Opponent (who is now dealing from Hole 73, a subjectively superior POSITION) will possibly only serve to help our Opponent better meet that same goal!

Therefore I think it may be better to 'hedge' here and Toss (T K).

And look: after the 9 Card Cut, we have a Double RUN! Who Knew?