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81*-77  ?
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Joined: June 2013

Monday 3:12 AM
Most cuts won't help me, but I'll start with the twelve point hand.
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Joined: April 2008

Monday 3:38 AM
Actually someone had this hand on me when they were at 100 on first count. And that is what they cut. Tis ok I still qued for the day. dec
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Joined: March 2016

Monday 3:50 AM
I am going with 2-3 in the crib. A cut of a 5 or 8 gives me 15 or 17 points in the hand. Hopefully lots of face cards for the crib.
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Joined: October 2008

Monday 4:14 AM
We're lucky to Cut for 18 today.

It's hard to knock either choice here, since Toss (2 3) should perform just as well.

But given the score, I think this choice offers us a bit of stability with the sure-dozen to start.

And it might even peg more defensively, given the 'safety in numbers' factor present.
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Joined: March 2008

Monday 5:21 AM
I was tempted to throw the 2-3, but its silly to break a 12 point hand. The 9 starter is a nice bonus. Suddenly, the skunk is a viable possibility. Play defense if possible.

Nice to see Inushtuk1 and Dan Selke yesterday in Blackstone. Dan earned his life master yesterday with an impressive 18 card. Yoda (Al Miller) dispatched Dan along the way to yet another tournament win. We arrived at sun-up and left in the dark, as Al completed his victory around 730 pm.

My wife greeted me with a "I hope you won something". I qualified and was knocked out early.
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Joined: April 2011

Monday 5:32 AM
2-3 is not worth the sacrifice of six points in hand score. Nice cut.
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Monday 6:34 AM
Tempting, but agree with Gary, not giving up 6, even for 23.
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Joined: November 2014

Monday 7:22 AM
I wanted to put the 2-3 in my crib, but 12 sure points vs 8 sure points will, to me, help be be in a better position to win next deal for me.
Andy (muesli64)
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Joined: August 2009

Monday 7:36 AM
Why wouldn't I keep 12 points??
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Monday 8:40 AM
I don't think its worth sacrificing 4pts (6pts -2pts) to throw the 2-3 even with chances of scoring 15/17pts:

3-6-6-6: 12pts + 4pts (Schell: 3.81) = 16pts

6-6-6-7: 6pts + 6¾pts (Schell: 7.00) = 12¾pts


3-6-6-6: Improves with 333, 6, 9999 = 8 cuts = 8/46 = 17.4% up to 18/20/24pts with all cuts.

6-6-6-7: Improves with 222, 333, 5555, 6, 777, 8888, 9999 = 22 cuts = 47.8% up to 12/15/17pts with 222, 333, 6, 8888, 9999 = 15 cuts.


I don't think either hand will peg well. Perhaps 3-6-6-6 better defensively.


We have s small lead but much better position. We only need 15pts to reach 4th street positional hole and should be well past that for our next deal. We need to slow Pone down and play Defense.


3-6-6-6 starts with 3¼pts more than 6-6-6-7 but there will be some heavy negative delta for the 2-7 throw as we hold the three 6s. Even with the better potential of 6-6-6-7 I can't see it making up 3¼pts so I'll throw the 2-7.
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Joined: January 2018

Monday 9:08 AM
I'll take the extra 6 in the hand over the statistical probility of 2,3 in the crib.
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Monday 9:20 AM
The 3-6-6-6 should also peg a bit more defensively than 6-6-6-7. I did not want to get into a pegging exchange where our opponent might end up at hole 90 or higher.
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Joined: December 2017

Monday 10:31 AM
2-3 is such a strong toss, though looking at the actual numbers now 3-6-6-6 is slightly better here, but only by .1

Nice cut, I'd play defense.