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*** This hand was suggested by Inushtuk
16*-11  ?
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BigFoot Bob
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Sunday 3:10 AM
I like the six points and the 3-3 to the crib which is the second best pairs you can toss to your crib behind the 5-5.
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Sunday 3:21 AM
I think of this as a defensive hold with potential in the crib and the most starting points, dec
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Joined: March 2016

Sunday 3:33 AM
If yesterday's advice holds for today I am thinking differently and choosing to toss 7-10 to my crib and hold 3-3-4-4. Incidentally, this hand has the highest combined value (exp. average hand plus crib). I can see possibility a learning experience also.
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Joined: June 2013

Sunday 4:55 AM
I've succumbed to the "hopenosis", or maybe just not thinking clearly due to the hangover, and split the threes.
Cuts of A,2,3,4,5,7 and 8 will improve this hand, 23/46 = 50%.

I'll play my 3 on an X lead, hoping for:

although a safer option is also available:
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Sunday 5:01 AM
Two adjoining pairs have such a high potential hand score that holding them intact when dealing is the best approach. Here we have pairs which improve with the cut of A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. Cuts of 2, 4, 5, or 8 scores hands of 12-20 points. Of course, you would not play a hand 5-5-6-6-10-J (or similar) this way. Be cautious about splitting pairs, even those with a gap. They are often the best choice. In this case, 3-3-4-4 is the best choice regardless of strategy selected. The next best choice would be 4-4-7-10 with the 3-3 discard. These pairs has the edge on potential hand score by nearly .75 point based on my scant empirical data and score better pegging whether playing offense or defense. The low-scoring 7-10 discard doesn't change that. After the 7 cut for a six point hand, a guaranteed peg, and a known two points in crib, RAS will peg optimally as need to be at 2nd street CPZ 43-47 my next deal.
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Sunday 6:22 AM
More touching pairs. Good things usually happen with touchies.
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Sunday 6:42 AM
Much more potential than holding 44710, and as first non-dealer still need to get as close to 43 as possible for our next deal.
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Sunday 7:50 AM
The 3s and 4s fell in love at first sight. Be a shame to separate them. Defense
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Sunday 8:42 AM
Got to hold the two pairs. That's all there is to it.
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Sunday 10:45 AM
I submitted this so long ago my name was Inushtuk without the digit. I can't find my notes on it, but I suppose it was another attempt to show an example where it's better to start with 4 combined points, than 6 with a one star toss to our crib. On an X lead play the 3 of course, as his X precludes an A-4, but not necessarily an Ace. Then the 4 if we get a second X card. Worth the gamble even on defense(which we are not). Like I said Pone likely has no 4.
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Sunday 12:26 PM
Will the "continue playing here" feature ever come back?