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Monday 3:11 AM
Q-9 is a pretty safe discard, more so today with a 6 known to be out of circulation. Cut an 8,5 or 7 for a big hand.

7h lead and take the triple if paired, rather than the 15/2 with the Ace.
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Joined: October 2008

Monday 4:05 AM
The Ace often lends significant help to these Middle Card Hands.

Only a 6 Card or 9 Card Cut helps 6-7-7-9 slightly more than it helps A-6-7-7, but the latter would still be improved by these Cuts as well. Meanwhile, several other Cuts help A-6-7-7 as much or more than the former arrangement.

Furthermore, Toss 9-Q is about as safe as discarding gets, thus A-6-7-7 should be quite a bit superior today. I would lead a 7 Card from our Fresh Summer PEAR (PAIR); probably a RED oneat that.
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Monday 5:04 AM
AQ or 9Q? The 9 might be less of a liability. Lead a 7.
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Monday 5:10 AM
9-Q is top three defensive discard. Lead a seven and peg defensively .
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Monday 6:10 AM
Of course the cut is a 6 when I pitch the 9.
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Monday 7:34 AM
The Ace can be used as an escape card as well as a crucial pegging card later in the play. Q-9 has a better chance of blanking the crib. I'll lead with the 7.
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Monday 8:37 AM
In this position and with a hohum plan we should lean towards defense. I figured Q-9 was safer both for discard avg and a hand that'd be easier to play off with.
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Monday 9:30 AM
What's not to like about holding a hand for potential 16 points and the low-scoring 9-Q discard? Will choose a defense strategy since have only six points and dealer is a hole short. Had the cut ben an 8 spot, would have chosen an offense pegging strategy. BTW there are only six discards which score 2 points or less in excess of 40% and 9-Q does that 42.224% of the time.
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Monday 10:08 AM
Both popular choices have 23 cuts for improvement. But A-6-7-7 has the higher aveage and a safer discard to the opponentís crib. The higher average comes from the fact that A-6-7-7 has 5 cuts for 12 points. The 6-7-7-9 has zero. To its credit, 6-7-7-9 does have more cuts for 8 points; but again fewer cuts for a 6 point hand. Hence its lower average hand. Iím on offense; and 6-7-7-9 would have to peg a whole lot better offensively than A-6-7-7, to make up for the higher aveage hand and safer discard this way. And I doubt it will. So definitely (9-Q).

After that cut Iíll play offense and lead my 7h, if only to make him/her think I may have a flush for a few seconds. And I will risk that paired 7 by tripping it, as James does above.
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Monday 10:18 AM
Bad cut for the Q-9 discard. Given the board position, Q-9 is still the right discard over many trials. This just happens to be the outlier.
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Monday 2:42 PM
I could have joined the lone disenter but seeing its a lil late Q-9. dec