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Joined: April 2008

Monday 3:05 AM
Non dealer . Offense and a wide discard. Six lead. dec
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Joined: March 2016

Monday 3:41 AM
Yes, as dec says, offense for non-dealer at this position. Tossing A-9 is a safer discard to dealer than A-3. Expected averages agree with this choice. Also, this hand increases with every cut.
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Joined: October 2008

Monday 3:59 AM
Almost tempted to retain A-4-5-6 as it's such a great pegging hand! But this will do just fine.
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Joined: June 2013

Monday 4:50 AM
Knowing where a five and a six are, A-9 is my choice.
Having read John's post above, I'm interested by his suggestion of A-4-5-6 (3-9). A possible 15/2 and 31/2 with the 4-A-6 eleven, and who knows, maybe 15/2 with the 5 on the second sequence too.
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Joined: August 2018

Monday 4:53 AM
Kept the 9 instead of the 3
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Monday 4:54 AM
I'll keep the 4 card run and lead the 3
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Joined: December 2017

Monday 6:47 AM
I'd love to pick up a couple of points in pegging but 4-5-6 hands usually seem to peg pretty badly for pone.

I guess I'd lead the 6. If it gets paired I can pick up a 15.
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Joined: March 2009

Monday 6:58 AM
Solid combination of offense and defense. A six cut yields a 16 hand for either 3456 or 4569, so why not throw A9 instead of A3.
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Joined: July 2016

Monday 7:25 AM
I know how much Ras likes the A-4-5-6. And I must admit I have had some success with it myself. See Jamesís post if youíre not sure why. But only 3-4-5-6, and 4-5-6-9 offer me a shot at a 16 point hand. So I have to agree with Danís advice above.

With only 8 points itís offense and the 3 lead, hoping for a 6, 7 or an 8 response. All of which are common responses.
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Joined: April 2011

Monday 8:27 AM
Iíll lead the ace and peg away. One of my favorite pegging hands as non dealer. Kind of surprised Iím the lone ranger so far.
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Joined: January 2018

Monday 10:20 AM
I wanted to keep the 9 for the 7 point hand but since this was the start of the game, I sacrificed a point and kept the 3,4,5,6 to better my chance of a double run. Oh well.
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Joined: June 2016

Monday 12:21 PM
Given the choice between A-3 or A-9, the best chance of blanking the crib is A-9. The pone has a decent hand, but after the starter it is very easy to find yourself in a bad position with sloppy play. I'd play a cautious offense and be prepared for a defense on my last two cards.
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Joined: November 2008

Monday 7:10 PM
Based on my scant empirical data, holding A-4-5-6 is .2+ greater in combined value. Potential hand size is full point greater, pegging is a point better. Those two factors more than offset the smaller crib with the A-9 discard. So often this hand is overlooked by the non-dealer as is the 2-3-4-6, arguably the two finest offensive pegging hands for non-dealer in cribbage. JQT often talks of the "Sweet Sixteen". This is the sweetest of those. Lead the Ace, plays wonderfully if dealer holds X-pointers and dealer does that often. Also pegs well if dealer playing mid cards. King Richard points how that works. If the Ace draws an 8 response, we play the six for 15-2, most dealers then would take the run for three. Often will be holding mid-cards with cards of 7 rank and above. So we drop the 5 for count of 27, get a go, and play the 4 spot to close the count at 31-2. How many pegs is that? Read what james500 has to say about playing the hand against X-pointers. If it works with 3-9 which is way down the list, think how superior it must be when you can discard 10-K, 9-0K, 9-Q, 8-K, 8-Q, 7-K,7-Q, etc. Look for the opportunity to hold this hand when non-dealer. It is a potential powerhouse and all those X-pointers give you a hand of nine points to begin.