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55*-63  ?
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Thursday 7:42 AM
I like the 2 card eleven and the 9-10 to possibly trap a jack on the second pegging sequence. We’re only throwing away 3 points to get the fives in the crib.
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Joined: March 2008

Thursday 7:44 AM
The website was offline earlier. Not often that I am the first.

Thought about tossing myself 55. Decided on 89 instead. Lets peg if possible.

More April Showers here in Massachusetts.
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Joined: November 2014

Thursday 8:04 AM
No thinking for me. Always 5-5 to my crib if I can (without destroying my hand).
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Thursday 8:05 AM
We can’t say “Yes” to both of the Big Hand Rule questions here. Unless this is another exception. Using Ras’s crib averages, 3-5-510(8-9) is better for expected averages by 0.26 points. But the (8-9) suffers from a small amount of negative delta with us retaining a 10. Plus holding the run; and four different ranks gives me a bit more offensive pegging potential.

With only 10 known points after the cut I’ll continue with “the pedal to the metal”

Did I get on before dec and Rosemarie? What do I win?
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Thursday 8:30 AM
What to do with this pair of fives? Do I even need to keep them together as a pair?
I'll try splitting them, and it seems I'm in good company with Mike doing the same.
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Thursday 8:33 AM
I just loves me some nickeback action. Johnny tell Inushtuk what he wins! dec
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Thursday 9:25 AM
Chucked the nickles in the crib, it's all been said. I'd play defense here, if pone doesn't move too far down the board we'll be in good shape for third street.
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Thursday 9:43 AM
With opponent needing the deal at hole 69-73,3rd Street CPZ and me in the middle of nowhere, see no reason to defend. It's all out off., off., off for me. Inushtuk1 says it all. Will take any pegs offered and will work to close the count at 31-2 with that magic 11 (3-8). Would play the 8 on any X-point lead J-K, drop the trey on a 10-spot rather than pair leaving 9-10 intact as just might pick up a Jack later for run of three. Possible to peg 5-1 in my favor with a number of hands and if n/d holding all X-pointers (10-J-Q-K)and not leading the Jack, dealer can out peg 5-0. Certainly I love the 5-5 to crib. JQT often mentions splitting fives when dealing as any 10-point card adds value to hand and crib scores. This puzzle was submitted with that in mind. Surprising as it may seem discarding 8-9 might be second best choice with 5-5 in the third spot. Wil defer to HalscribCLX on the ranking of these three choices.
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Thursday 10:17 AM
I'd like to stow at least one 5 Card in my own Crib, but because of our relative position here, I'll throw them BOTH!

Doing so may help us to 'claw' our way back into this game.
Andy (muesli64)
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Thursday 1:12 PM
With the majority. Why not!
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Thursday 2:21 PM
I could not get on this morning and tried until 8:00 my time. Left for the day and here is my vote.
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Thursday 3:01 PM
I think its between 3-5 and 5-5 but 3-5-5-10 (8-9) may be worth looking at as well:

5-8-9-10: 5pts + 6pts (Schell: 5.97) = 11pts

3-8-9-10: 3pts + 8¾pts (Schell: 8.79) = 11¾pts

3-5-5-10: 6pts + 4¾pts (Schell: 4.72) = 10¾pts


5-8-9-10: Improves with AAAA, 2222, 55, 6666, 7777, 888, 999 + 15xXs = 39 cuts = 39/46 = 84.8% up to 8/9/10/12pts with 7777, 888, 999, 101010, JJJJ = 17 cuts.

3-8-9-10: Improves with 2222, 333, 4444, 55, 6666, 7777, 888, 999, 101010, JJJJ = 34 cuts = 34/46 = 73.9% up to 6/7/8pts with 333, 7777, 888, 999, 101010, JJJ = 19 cuts.

3-5-5-10: Improves with 2222, 333, 4444, 55, 7777 + 15xXs = 32 cuts = 31/46 = 69.6% up to 10/12/14pts with 2222, 4444, 55, 7777 + 15 xXs = 29 cuts.


I think 3-5-5-10 will peg best with three small cards and a high card.


We're behind and Pone is only 7pts from 3rd street positional hole so we need to catch up. I'll play Offense.


3-8-9-10 has the best starting value by ¾pt and has good potential and 19 cuts for a good increase from 3pts to 6-8pts. It also should peg quite well with a magic eleven. 5-8-9-10 has even more cuts for improvement and increases from 5pt to 8-12pts with 17 cuts whilst it only starts with the ¾pt less. 3-5-5-10 has the lowest starting value and fewest number of cuts for improvement. I'll split the 5s and throw 3-5.
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Thursday 3:25 PM
At 55*-63 playing an Offense strategy for the pegging the dynamic expected averages and Win/Loss %s are:

Offense___Hand_Pegs_Crib_Total____W4 %___W5 %

Offense_______L4 %___L5 %

5-8-9-10 is best for expected averages by 0.16pt but 3-5-5-10 is best for Win %s and Loss %s. However as its still only halfway through the game I'll put most weight on the expected averages. Therefore I'll select 3-5 to discard.

After the Q cut I'll play Offense to the lead.