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111-115*  ?
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Tuesday 3:16 AM
I have good luck pegging with the 2-3-4-6 usually for four points at least. With almost two points more in potential average I will opt with this keep. Seeing dealer is in a very strong position I will lead the two and hopefully force a trap or a unlikely pair for the three points I need at least. dec
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Tuesday 4:15 AM
I'm hoping this we peg better if I come up short on points. Every cut helps with that ace helping the least. With now only having six points I think I'll lead the six and keep the 2-3-4 intact.
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Tuesday 5:07 AM
I too believe this will be a better pegging hand although with the starter card we only have six points. Lead the six card and keep the smaller cards together as Gary states.
BigFoot Bob
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Tuesday 5:41 AM
Nothing made me excited this morning so I kept the small run.
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Tuesday 5:57 AM
As stated the hand improves by at least 2 with any cut except the ace. The hand pegs well against face cards; needing 6 the opponent may have to hold such a double-run.
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Tuesday 6:12 AM
Since its now or never, more cuts help the 2667 than the 2346. An ace helps marginally. Lead the 6.
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Tuesday 6:21 AM
Jazzselke says it all for me.
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Tuesday 7:21 AM
This is one of the best pegging hands for the pone and may be able to peg the four points I now need. Lead the 3.
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Tuesday 8:46 AM
Average hand, not expected average, most important today, the aim being that pegging plus first count puts me out. Toss 3-4 avg hand about a full half point better than toss 6-7.
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Tuesday 9:20 AM
It doesn't matter what I toss in the crib. The game is going to be over before the crib is counted so I and going to discard 6-7. Every card in the deck is going to help the 2-3-4-7 and we do need the points. Plus pretty good pegging hand.
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Tuesday 1:07 PM
Which hand has the most cuts for 10pts or more?:

2-3-4-6: 222, 333, 444, 66 = 11 cuts

2-6-6-7: 222, 5555, 66, 777, 8888, 9999 = 20 cuts

But which hand will be least likely to allow Dealer to score 6pts but also score some points fairly safely?:

2-3-4-6 should peg better than 2-6-6-7 and with 4 different cards and smaller cards I think will peg better and more safely.

2-3-4-6 also has AAAA, 777, 8888, 16xXs = 27 cuts for 6/7pts and 8 cuts (5555, 9999) for 9pts whereas 2-6-6-7 only has AAAA, 333 for 8pts and 19 cuts (444 + 16xXs) that add nothing.

So on balance with the better pegging, both to score yet prevent dealer going out and good potential I'll throw 6-7.

As the cut only gives us only 6pts I'll lead the 6 and hope I can peg 4pts. Doubtful 8-(
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Tuesday 1:18 PM
Because it will peg better if we end up short. Starting with one less point but the average hands are only one-half point apart. I'll lead the 3 as per Ras's classes. Great puzzle james500.
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Tuesday 1:32 PM
At 111-115* the Win %s are:

Offense______Win %

2-3-4-6 is very significantly better for chances of getting out whilst holding Dealer to 5pts or less. So I'll select 6-7 to discard.

After the A cut I'll lead the 3 and play Offense:

Lead______________Our Pegging Pts.______Win %
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Tuesday 1:54 PM
Same song, umpteenth verse! Thought that 2-3-6-6 might also be in the running. At this time 1% have made that choice. It improves to 8 or more with the cut of an Ace, 3, 6, or 9 and ought to be a bit safer on the pegging. In either case, would lead the trey as believe am more likely to peg four points doing so. Have had little success from 2-3-4-6 with leading the 6 spot. If the hand had been 2-3-4-8 or 9, would have led from the top of the hand. The problem here is that dealer can pair any card that I lead with impunity as I can't get out even if scoring six pegs. Not likely that we can peg four holes without some cooperation from the dealer, and dealer needing five pegs is likely to go for them. Think that is why Hal shows our chances of winning above with 2-3-4-6 is 80.7%. What are chances that we can limit dealer to four pegs? That's about 55/45 our favor. Interesting puzzle with the majority choosing 2-3-4-6.
Andy (muesli64)
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Tuesday 3:12 PM
As above.
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Tuesday 8:35 PM
Interesting that with two ways to hold 6432, the majority held the 6 of spades. I like the 6 of hearts since we also have the 2 of hearts. With the A cut, I'd lead the 6, so a flush fake could potentially occur.