February 15, 2017

*** This hand was suggested by Kello on ecribbage.com
98-78*  ?
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Wednesday 3:06 AM
With them needing thirteen to get past the line in two hands I would just start with the eight and get in your own par deeper to work on the next hand. Ten lead cautious offense. dec
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Wednesday 3:21 AM
We need 23 points in this hand and the next. Toss A-3 leaves a hand that starts with 8 points and has a maximum of 16 points. Cut of Jack adds 2 points. Cautious offense or optimal strategy.
BigFoot Bob
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Wednesday 3:28 AM
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Wednesday 4:20 AM
Go for it!
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Wednesday 4:24 AM
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Wednesday 5:03 AM
Sacrificed 2 points to throw the more defensive A-K. I would not have done this if we needed all 8 points to get into our 4th street CPZ. I have gotten burned too many times on the A-3 toss even though we have a comfortable lead in this game. Cut gives us 8 so without any pegs, we are already at hole 106 and looking good. I will lead the 3 and look for first opportunity to safely play my 5 so not to get trapped with it at the end.
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Wednesday 5:52 AM
Certainly wish that this would be a common problem for me. Here with a 20-point lead, will opt to retain the 8 points. Cannot argue with the choice of mfetchCT425 to retain 3-5-10-10 and discard A-K. My scant empirical evidence suggest that there is only .2 of a point difference between the his choice and mine, though starting with a two full points less in hand score. If opponent were another then points down the board, that would have ben my choice since the 2-3 is the second most frequent discard made by dealer to own crib. If opponent were at my shoulder, would have tossed 10-K, played two points, and opted for a defense pegging strategy. I will apply an offense pegging strategy avoiding those situations which could seeming give my opponent. Will echo the above post: "I will lead the 3 and look for first opportunity to safely play my 5 so not to get trapped with it at the end."
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Wednesday 5:59 AM
Why ease up on the throttle? If the dealer tosses himself 2-3 then so be it. I will march myself down the board as far as possible.
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Wednesday 6:38 AM
Hi Kello. Twenty points ahead and already beyond our target position of 96, I suppose we could choose to defend our lead with 10h-K and still maintain a healthy win/loss percentage. I'd risk A-3 however.
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Wednesday 6:45 AM
I pick my ace and 3
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Wednesday 8:51 AM
Gotta go for it. With 10 points in my hand will play on. Lead the 10d, and pair the 5 response.
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Wednesday 10:04 AM
If the face cards were touching, or maybe even could be filled in for 16, I'd keep the 8. Very very little chance of a skunk and I'm not going out this hand so will play conservatively.
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Wednesday 10:42 AM
Keep the 5 and two 10s and it's going to be near impossible to lose this game.