March 18, 2017

*** This hand was suggested by ras2829
33*-31  ?
Total votes: 190

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BigFoot Bob
624 votes

Joined: April 2016

Saturday 3:14 AM
Ha Ha nice cut. This morning I kept the high cards together and the touching 6-7 to the crib.
799 votes

Joined: March 2016

Saturday 3:18 AM
I'll hold 4-10-Q-K and toss 6-7 today.
4013 votes

Joined: April 2008

Saturday 3:20 AM
Touchies away? In the past when I have gotten cute and did something like Q-10 I have got burnt by the pegging. dec
2617 votes

Joined: April 2011

Saturday 4:06 AM
I've always thrown it this way. Please show me a better way. Defense is the way to go in the pegging.
1739 votes

Joined: June 2013

Saturday 6:27 AM
Many moons ago, JQT wrote a very thorough piece on here about the strength of 6-7 as a discard. I've looked out for it ever since, and it has tended to serve me reasonably well.

For those choosing X-X, I'd be very interested to hear whether you favour 10-Q or Q-K, and why.
Both become 3 points with a Jack, and 4 points with a 5. Q-K is "cut off" without this Jack, whereas the 10 from Q-10 could possibly contribute to 8-9-10. Pone has a liking for K-? discards however, so maybe Q-K is slightly more likely to result in a pair?
3485 votes

Joined: March 2008

Saturday 6:43 AM
I'll toss 67 in the crib and *hope* the pone helps.
299 votes

Joined: March 2016

Saturday 8:22 AM
After the cut wish I had tossed QK. Defense.
754 votes

Joined: September 2014

Saturday 8:33 AM
Have always tossed the touching cards from this hand. Can't justify any other choice.
306 votes

Joined: November 2016

Saturday 9:29 AM
Anytime I can discard touching cards, especially 6,7,8,or 9 into my crib I will try. Great opportunity since the 6 and 7 really can't add to my hand.
407 votes

Joined: March 2017

Saturday 10:00 AM
When all else fails will keep the best pegging cards.
2239 votes

Joined: October 2008

Saturday 10:07 AM
What do you think are the odds of dealing this precise hand of ZERO POINTS to yourself? Think about this, and we'll address it later.

I seem to get 'junk' like this all the time! And I'll bet that you do, too!

I suppose a case can be made for either Toss (6 7) or maybe Toss (T Q) today. I don't think I will even consider Toss (Q K), because there is NOTHING Toss (Q K) can do for Our Crib that Toss (T Q) will not do BETTER. And so if we need a LESSON today, let that be it.

This leaves us with the 'touching' Tag Team of Toss (6 7), so away they go. We have an 8 DIV 46 equals 0.174 or 17% chance of Cutting (5555, 8888).

That Jack Cut now means that we'll make it to AT LEAST Hole 40. That's a nice 'jump' after having NOTHING!

Oh, did you want the answer to the original question? You might not like it. What are the odds of dealing ourselves those precise Six Cards above?

Actually, its the same odds of dealing ourselves (4 4 5 5 5 6), or (5 5 5 J J J), or (7 7 7 8 8 8), or a Straight FLUSH in HEARTS, etc. The odds of getting Six Exact Cards are IDENTICAL, regardless of what's 'painted' upon those cards!

Of course, the odds of being dealt MORE POINTS is MUCH LESS than the odds of being dealt FEWER POINTS. That is what is at work when we seem to get JUNK all too often, because that's true.

But those Six Cards above, or any other precise 'Bunch of Six' are as RARE as ANY OTHER SIX!
King Richard
2736 votes

Joined: March 2009

Saturday 10:14 AM
Shovel mid-cards into your own Crib. Sir Elmer, is there an error in the King's way?
195 votes

Joined: January 2017

Saturday 11:49 AM
Improves with almost every cut, even if not by much and should peg better. 2 card 11 and 16. I'm clearly in the minority today.