April 20, 2017

*** This hand was suggested by Matthew
117*-114  ?
Total votes: 185

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Joined: April 2008

Thursday 3:33 AM
Even thou all I needed was five points I wanted to break up as few possibilities that seven points could be pegged here. I believe the ace might be the best lead thinking it might end up being a part of a trip possibility and breaking up any runs possible involving six,seven and eight. Live and learn. dec
BigFoot Bob
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Joined: April 2016

Thursday 3:34 AM
Try to peg out. . . . . and if not I at least have enough to go out if the pone comes up sbort.
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Joined: March 2016

Thursday 4:00 AM
I only need 4 points and want to keep 6-7-8 but what else? Think that a queen might be an escape card. I need to peg out here before pone gets to peg and count out needing 7 points. A good learning example is presented today.
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Joined: March 2009

Thursday 4:35 AM
Peg out or get lucky
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Joined: April 2011

Thursday 5:58 AM
Hope to trap a five with my 6-7. The face cards will help advance the count.
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Joined: June 2013

Thursday 6:00 AM
I think mine will be a lone voice today, but let's see if I can win by keeping away, J-7.
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Joined: November 2008

Thursday 6:17 AM
Will keep the four of the six cards with high to moderate pegging value. It works like this: A, 2, 3, 4, 5 have high pegging value, 6-7-8-9 have moderate pegging value, Jack has low pegging values, and 10, Q, and K, have no pegging value. Don't want an escape card with opponent needing 7 points. RAS will take any pegs offered. Yes I would pair the Ace as it gives me two points and keeps the count low enough that opponent can not score 15-2. If unable to pair an opponent card as this pegging sequence progresses, will attempt to keep the 6-7 intact as just might pick off a five spot since I didn't have one. If you were to choose a defense pegging strategy, you should know that is 5-1 against holding non-dealer to 6 points. If you were to do so, Rosemarie44 points the way. Hold 6-7-8-Q. Get rid of the A and the Jack as those are the two cards that just might add pegs to opponent effort. Needing four pegs, I will play on the lead. Will need some luck although with opponent 7 points from win, we can give up some pegs to get our four. Even so, three pegs for dealer is quite frequent. Four pegs is a stretch! Need to execute a pegging plan flawlessly and hope opponent does not screw it up. That is better labeled luck!
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Joined: May 2016

Thursday 6:35 AM
Anyone having this issue? When I click on "continue playing here", I get a message that says "unfortunately this feature is no longer available" and I cannot finish the game. anyone else?
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Joined: October 2007

Thursday 7:03 AM
Its unlikely that Pone will peg 7pts so we need to try our best to peg 4pts. Without a doubt A-6-7-8 is the best pegging hand out of this deal so I'll throw the J-Q and go for it.
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Joined: March 2016

Thursday 7:06 AM
Some players will hold non pegging cards when trying to hold opponent back in end game scenarios - like the K Q J 10 and 9 because he/she "knows" I'm going to be trying to hold pegging cards. If I know I'm playing a player like that I would have held the J Q here. Also I like to hold a 5 with people like that so I can 15/2 their X lead. Overall with most players it's A 6 7 8 for me in situations like this.
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Joined: July 2016

Thursday 7:38 AM
Holding the four cards with the most pegging value this morning, as we are on offense. Will definitely pair an ace lead as Pone still needs one more if s/he trips. Pairing a 7 or an 8 lead as well, as opposed to the *seemingly* safer (15-2) alternative. Will need a bit o' luck.
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Joined: March 2008

Thursday 8:10 AM
Set your phasers on kill. I want to peg out and will hit anything that I can.
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Joined: November 2016

Thursday 9:05 AM
Pegging is the name of the game on this hand. I like keeping all low cards.
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Joined: February 2008

Thursday 2:13 PM
At 117*-114 playing an Optimal strategy for the pegging the chances of Our Pegging Out are:

Optimal______Our Peg Out %

6-7-8-Q has the best chance of Our Pegging Out so I'll select A-J to discard.

After the 2 cut I'll play Defense to the lead.
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Thursday 8:44 PM
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