May 16, 2017

*** This hand was suggested by ras2829
30*-26  ?
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BigFoot Bob
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Joined: April 2016

Tuesday 3:08 AM
Maybe the 6-8 will catch something in my crib. As for this hand. . . . What can I say?
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Joined: March 2016

Tuesday 3:10 AM
All of these hands are so like what I get dealt often! I chose the higher crib value toss of 6-8. Ras, what say you?
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Joined: April 2008

Tuesday 4:04 AM
That is the only cut that might make 0-0 possible for dealer. Seriously for me I went for a crib fill here. dec
1803 votes

Joined: June 2013

Tuesday 4:27 AM
I'd put the two pictures in my crib. Hopefully cut an odd ranked card.
2681 votes

Joined: April 2011

Tuesday 6:04 AM
Don't need to get that far on this deal. After first count next hand I would like to be at 44-47. Here I like the chance to fill the gap between the 6-8-10. Maybe 2-K is better. I'll look back later.
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Joined: March 2008

Tuesday 6:32 AM
The dreaded clunker hand. Games are lost when you misplay these hands of 3 or less. I tossed the 68 in hopes for an Ace or 7 in the crib. I could end up a "38 special".
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Joined: October 2008

Tuesday 6:53 AM
It seems like we get this hand every game, doesn't it?

Aside from a Jack completing a RUN, only a Trey Cut can really help this hand.

In the Crib, either an Ace or 7 Card makes our day.
472 votes

Joined: June 2016

Tuesday 1:14 PM
Avoid the run. discard the 8-6 into the crib. It's your only chance.

If you play your hearts right, the pone may lead you into some pegging. If that is not the case, let's hope he/she is a better dealer than you are.
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Joined: January 2008

Tuesday 1:36 PM
3 hands to get 12 more points for the next coz... I will hold and peg defense. Looking for a 9 from opponent.
579 votes

Joined: July 2016

Tuesday 3:16 PM
Keep the high ones and the low ones. No need to panic. Like LoneStarPegger says, we have 3 hands to get to our next CPZ. I'll try to play my sleeper 2 on most leads, including any X, or 5 lead. Good flush fake here. Playing defense obviously.
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Joined: October 2007

Tuesday 3:37 PM
If I deal myself a poor hand I like to throw touching cards to my box. Here the touchers Q-K are no better than a gapper and probably worse as its unlikely Pone will throw a 5 or a J. I'll throw my best cards as I see it the gappers 6-8. This does restrict the cuts that will help the hand but could mean a good crib.
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Joined: February 2008

Tuesday 3:50 PM
At 30*-26 playing an Offense strategy for the pegging the dynamic expected averages and Win/Loss %s are:

Offense___Hand_Pegs_Crib_Total___W7 %____W8 %

Offense______L7 %____L8 %

2-10-Q-K is best for expected averages by 0.02pt and is also best for Win %s and Loss %s. So I'll select 6-8 to discard.

After the 4 cut I'll play Defense to the lead.
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Joined: November 2008

Tuesday 5:46 PM
Submitted this puzzle as there are so many times in the game that the wind gets knocked out of one's sails. Don't need much score at all here. The cut of that lousy four spot pours more salt in the wound. Well, not a point in hand and don't know of one in crib either. The consolation is that I will get that one guaranteed dealer peg if I retained four cards. Hal gives the 6-8 a much higher crib value 4.9 than does my empirical data with an average 4.631 (2,156) 37/91, scoring two or less points 37.662 % since most everybody struggles with their discard so as to avoid tossing a 7 spot. Have made the choice here today that I did in the game although am generally geared to holding the cards with the best pegging potential (2-6-8-10).If you've noticed in recent times have not referred as much to Cribbage Prof as in the past. Not sure the program does all the things it is supposed to do since adapting to Windows 10 with a lot of tweaking. For what it's worth, The Prof shows in this position holding 2-10-Q-K to be #6 in combined value. Those rankings look like this: (1)2-6-8-10 with Q-K discard; (2) 6-8-10-Q with 2-K discard; (3) 2-6-8-K with 10-Q discard; (4) 6-8-10-K with 2-Q discard; (5) 6-8-Q-K with 2-10 discard; and (6) 2-10-Q-K with 6-8 discard.