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Sunday 3:05 AM
What's this seeming obsession with 9 Cards lately?!

It's reminiscent of that old, 1968 Beatles Song, "Revolution 9," whose lyrics go: "Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine..."

Oh, we spot a FLUSH in there, as well. The plot doth thicken.

The problem here is that if we do not Keep (2c 3c 5c 9c) and Toss (9 9), what, pray tell, do we do?

What Cut Card does NOT help the FLUSH? That's an exercise for the reader. Meanwhile, I'll Toss (9 9) in less than a heartbeat.

Since we have a Fender Bass in our little group here, today's musical selection harkens back to my teenage 'daze' of listening to the Jeff Beck Group and classic albums like "Truth" and one later released in 1972 now known as The Orange Album, with blues classics on it such as "Going Down."

One of Beck's classic songs from a later album titled "Blow by Blow" is a song 'in the key of love and lamenting,' C-minor, which was composed originally by Stevie Wonder and somewhat inauspiciously called, "Cause We've Ended as Lovers" in 1974. Wonder's former wife, Syreeta Wright, even performed the song with the original lyrics in 1974. Jeff Beck released "Blow by Blow" and stripped the song of its lyrics, and recorded "Cause We've Ended as Lovers" with a credit to his friend, Stevie, just a year later, in 1975. Syreeta died at age fifty-seven in 2004. The song lives on.

About three decades and one year later after "Blow by Blow," perhaps in an effort to see just how much guitar talent a single stage could support, Jeff Beck invited an Australian Sensation, a young (barely age twenty-one at the time) guitar player and singer, Tal Wilkenfeld, to join him and play live in concert, including the very difficult and critically-important bass guitar solo section of this now-classic song. (That's a little bit like allowing a Little League star female player to pitch several innings of a World Series Playoff Game!) At this time, Tal had been concentrating all of her effort on the bass guitar, and for fewer than five years!

And yet she was more than up to the task.

Entire performances with Tal, and the original "Blow by Blow" album with all of its songs, are all easily found online; and both the new and old, it's ALL material very much worth listening to and watching today.

The video of this particular song performance itself appears to have been superbly reprocessed and rendered in order to almost appear as if it's in high-definition, which was not even available at the time, as I believe it was in 2008 when this was recorded. The older, grainier version has over 8 million views, but I like how the video was improved in this more-recently posted version.

We can only imagine the discussion the smiling, young, effervescent, curly-haired Aussie girl's parents had with their then twenty-one-year-old daughter, who years earlier had dropped out of high school at age fourteen, in order to concentrate on learning to better play the guitar: "Did you say he was forty-two?" and then, as she prepared to leave the Australian Continent, she must have replied, "No, mom, he's forty-two years OLDER than I am."

If you enjoy instrumental rock guitar music with a jazz-fusion synthesis, and if you've not seen this performance before, you're in for a real treat:
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Sunday 3:21 AM
Do you recommend that I lead something from the 9-5-2 sixteen, or play the 3 which is covered by the 2 and the 9 if their reply is an X or another 3?
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Sunday 4:00 AM
Keep the flush points. The nine lead will elicit sometimes a King or Queen response also. dec
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Sunday 5:45 AM
Keeping the flush today. Every cut will improve our hand and I much rather toss 9-9 vs 2-3.
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Sunday 6:20 AM
The crib still might go *BOOM* but 99 seems the least dangerous. Lead the 3
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Sunday 6:30 AM
"As" with the crowd above..I recently did have this starting hand on a game of e-cribbage, and I could see no way out other than to toss (9 9)...At least there is no cut which will not improve this hand, thought it might be somewhat embarrassing if a 6 or 9 gets cut. Would I even consider starting with 6 pts and tossing anything else?? Certainly not (2 3). Briefly thought about the oil and water toss of (2 5), which is what I WOULD have tossed if you had replaced the 9 of CLUBS with the 9 of DIAMONDS..In that case, I will start with 6 points rather than NO points. As for the opening lead, I have a preference for the 3, because of all the responsed which are covered although it is not from the sweet 6 group of 2-5-9. If I did not lead the 3, my next choice would be the 9 from this group of three.
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Sunday 7:12 AM
Pairs are an interesting aspect to this game of ours. Across the board 11/13 average 6+. But since this is an average they can earn just two or a lot more than six. Today I see no better alternative than 9-9. Also, it leaves a keep that gets cut help from 13/13 ranks.
Fender Bass
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Sunday 7:35 AM
Pretty easy choice