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*** This hand was suggested by duke62
110-108*  ?
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duke62Seems like a low chance to win, but should we toss 8-9, Q-K, or K-K?
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Monday 3:03 AM
Not giving him a Pair or breaking up the Run
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Monday 3:22 AM
From this position we have to go for the 2 cuts that will put us in the dead hole before pegging commences( the 5 or J) the dealer is only 13 out so playing defense and keeping the 8/9-10 together isn’t the most efffective option-even if we cut an 8,9, or 10, it would still leave us 3 short and that hand is not exactly a pegging powerhouse-also there are only 9 cards that improve our hand to 8( the three remaining eights,nines and tens), while we have 8 chances to improve to a 10 point hand( the 4 fives and 4 jacks)-I much prefer 8 chances to move to 10 points over 9 chances to move to 8
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Monday 3:34 AM
Somewhat tricky, do we Keep (8 9 T ?) and seek Nine Cuts (888, 999, TTT) that give us Eight Points (still needing to peg Three Holes), or do we Keep (T Q K K) and seek Eight Cuts (5555, JJJJ) that give us Ten Points, (needing to peg just One Hole)?

Pegging even One Hole is NOT guaranteed when we are Pone, so I'll go with the latter idea and Keep (T Q K K) and Toss (8 9) today.

After the Trey Cut, we likely go down in flames, but in Cribbage and in Life, we can either complain and pout, or we can choose to embrace even our failures and do so in good spirits.
Andy (muesli64)
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Monday 4:19 AM
Only chance?
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Monday 4:39 AM
Tough spot to be in. Cutting a Jack or 5 makes it a bit more palatable.

Play the 9 and Queen as my first two cards to get the count high and say force me to say "go". Perhaps Dealer plays their hand out and I can get the Kings in back to back in the second play through.

10-8 with a 9 out of circulation may not be too costly, so maybe there'll be another hand to come?
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Monday 6:08 AM
My thoughts were the same as Mark’s, I didn’t want to lose the run or give up a pair.
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Monday 6:33 AM
Only way to get 10. If we don't go out, dealer has hand, crib and pegging for 13 points, a tough proposition to defend.
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Monday 6:49 AM
Hoping for the double run. Failure. The idea was to lead the King, have the dealer reply with a 8, 9 or 10 and pair it. Chalk up an "L"
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Monday 7:38 AM
yuck. I went this way thinking I might peg somewhere, and not help her crib much. I see now that the 5 cutis the only real hope
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Monday 7:53 AM
With opponent within 16 points, I’m going to be aggressive and play to win with this ugly hand. 8 cards (four 5s and four Js) get us to the dead hole before the pegging which should be enough to get us out. Holding the 3-card straight leaves us 3 holes short even if we get the cut for 8, and as Rob so eloquently stated above, this is not an ideal pegging hand.
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Monday 8:37 AM
Others say it well. Need a J or a 5 cut. Maybe opponent will have a 2 pt hand & crib, and 0 hand again. It's happened to me before!
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Monday 9:22 AM
All X pointers can sometimes peg 1. Get the cut and peg 1 seems to be the best (but not good) chance.
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Monday 2:20 PM
I like to steal a game perhaps on the next deal. This hand playing to win , need a nickel or Jack cut to start. dec
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Monday 2:33 PM
It's a closer call that one might suspect. Limiting dealer to 12 points is five to one. Are we searching for 8 cards in 46 (5555, JJJJ)? That must be about one chance in 5.7. Have observed HalscribCLX choose defense in such positions. I'll go for it from the outset. Once seeing the starter card and knowing that I have two points, will lead the ten spot. Don't think there is even a remote chance that dealer will pair my opening lead. Dealer might be holding a King as an escape card though and my Kings are well removed from the 10 spot that dealer might just pair if I hold K-K intact. Probably still lose the game though by a very small spread. Bad hand here although many games are lost from 9-10 points out with first count coming up shy of game hole.
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Monday 3:46 PM
We need 11pts to get out but with this hand there isn't a cut that can achieve this. However we can score 10pt and then only need to peg 1pt and that is with 10-Q-K-K. If a 5 or a J is cut then we have 10pts. So that's 8 cuts = 8/46 = 17.4%. Therefore I'll throw the 8-9.