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*** This hand was suggested by Ras2829
68-65*  ?
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Sunday 3:05 AM
Keep the 2-3-3 intact but the seven stays. 8-9 away. Three of spades lead. dec
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Sunday 3:48 AM
Thought 2-8 or 2-9 were a little too cautious, which is something I'm often guilty of being.
A brave 8-9 today.
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Sunday 4:10 AM
The Selke hold that he taught me. Congrats on your Consolation win yesterday, Dan!!! Good luck in the playfs of the second main today
Andy (muesli64)
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Sunday 4:29 AM
Looks good for 8-9.
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Sunday 4:40 AM
While Toss (2 9) might be sufficiently good enough in order for us as Pone to easily reach the Third Street Par Hole 70 with ease by completion of this deal, Toss (8 9) leaves us with a much superior hand, so I'll choose the latter over the former.

After the Jack Cut, we have Eight Points in Hand, and I'll lead a Trey.

Did RAS and I just possibly just post back-to-back 100% puzzles? We must be running low of ideas!
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Sunday 4:55 AM
ATTENTION: Keep Bruce (Eolus) in your thoughts. He will be on a ventilator the next 4-5 days. I will update later in the week.
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Sunday 5:15 AM
Keeping the 233 together
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Sunday 6:09 AM
I like the 233 together and the 89 have the least chance of going *BOOM* in the crib. Lead the 3 and play cautious offense.
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Sunday 6:26 AM
Every cut helps this hand and I don't want to miss out on the X cuts by breaking up the 233.
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Sunday 6:37 AM
Me and my algo are with all the commentors.
Fender Bass
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Sunday 6:54 AM
Keep the run and minimize the crib. I think 2/3 is more dangerous than 3/3.
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Sunday 7:43 AM
At this position, I tossed wide with (2 9). I can be content with my hand of (3 3 7 8). I am ensured of dealing from beyond hole 70, at the same time, I can play defensively since he is already short of his position. Unless he has a killer hand and crib, I should be dealing from a positional advantage next hand.

(8 9) is not a bad idea, holding (2 3 3 7), but I'll try to avoid tossing the touchies if there is a safer alternative.

Lead the 3H and only take safe pegs. I'd still triple here if he pairs my opening lead as this is what the percentages dictate, but part of me would be tempted to play off with the 7 as well, and I would have done so if dealer was a few pegs more advanced here.