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88*-107  ?
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Tuesday 3:38 AM
Want to keep the Jacks together, so I need to pick two from 2,4 and 7.
2-4 is tempting, but the 7 doesn't work with the Xs. 4-7 suffers a wee bit from negative delta as there are only three fours left in circulation.
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Tuesday 3:51 AM
Because of the negative delta involved in discarding 4-7 to own crib, I chose discard 2-7.
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Tuesday 4:00 AM

Monica's tournament today(Tuesday Jun 15) 11am PDT.

Fun, free, 6 games.

Hard to win - but a friendly gang there - 70-ish players, typically.

Go to to sign up.
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Tuesday 4:28 AM
Keeping the four may be able to have a twelve or thirteen count to be able to parlay the Jacks. I was thinking of keeping four different ranks but still trying to play to win. If the count was 115 or higher I might have done that. dec
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Tuesday 4:34 AM
It was between tossing 2-4 or 2-7 for me. Although 2-4 is valued higher, this hand has more cuts for 12 or 13 points.
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Tuesday 4:51 AM
At this point I think there is no way to reasonably win the game. However, if you are playing for points over a set of games, then go for it. Just keep them from winning before your counting?
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Tuesday 5:15 AM
We can't win. I'm just trying to peg a few points to avoid the skunk. If instead, you are doing total points over a few games like nieuwrode says, I'd hold the jacks and 2.
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Tuesday 5:57 AM
Surprising that so many chose 2-7. I chose 4-7 because I think the closer to the middle is the best.
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Tuesday 7:01 AM
Don't know. It doesn't really matter after the 3 J's, then I just kind of lost consciousness. Just kidding, lol. But seriously, the game is essentially out of hand, so you are hoping 1.He is not able to count out on this deal, 2. Some serious prayers are next going to be answered going forward. So, give ourselves as much chance as possible to score the highest hand, and this would mean either keeping the 2 or 4 with the 3 J's. Which one? Well, we're going to be hard pressed to score a large crib with either toss really, but especially the (2 7). The pegging difference is fairly negligi ble, so just toss the "middle" (4 7), hope for a 3 or 5 cut and some unwarranted help from your opponent (you never know what he'll be forced to throw right..but if you are going to get some insane toss like 5 5 in your crib, he had better be counting out as a rule).
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Tuesday 7:41 AM
I'm afraid I shall not be making many friends today.

In some ways, this Discard Decision echoes the choice we had yesterday, to plant the 'small' cards in our Crib. But yesterday we had near-equal chances, while today our odds of winning are probably around 5%.

At least, this is the Discard Choice that most of the computers will make. If they are all wrong, we need to under WHY.
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Tuesday 7:58 AM
Agree with James and JCM - I need a cut, and if I tossed 4-7 there are only three 4s left. The 7 does not work with the jacks. I'm hoping for a 5 or 3 to be cut to get me down the board and a 16-24 point hand next deal. Slim odds, but as the famous smuggler once said (a long time ago in a galaxy far far away..) "Don't tell me the odds!"
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Tuesday 10:05 AM
Choosing an offense strategy at all points, the 2-4 goes to the crib and provides nearly full point advantage in combined values (pegs, hand, and crib scores). Will play the 7 on any lead of 5 or above. Some chance if doing that, n/d could play all cards, giving dealer chance to pair for two and triple for 6 pegs and a go. That could reduce the spread. Not much chance to win from hole 88; think that is likely about 5%.
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Tuesday 10:40 AM
I kept a card that can help the Jacks..the 7 went, and the 4 helps the 7, and the 2 might help a GO