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Friday 3:25 AM
9-5 makes sense, but I'll try 9-J.
Eolus619 says: James500…Germany can’t advance and Mexico goes home losing the 7th tie breaker leaving Poland to advance..fewest yellow cards…yikes .AND Italy doesn’t even get in the tournament. Good soccer luck to England!
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Friday 4:30 AM
Many ways to throw 'Five' (or cards that 'add up' to Five) as in: Toss (5 9), Toss (5 J), Toss (5 K), or Toss (A 4), as well as Toss (9 J), a clever Dealer Discard idea here.

I've always liked Toss (5 9) from this construct, since not only do we get a "real" 5 Card into our Crib, but we also have a W-I-D-E variety of Pegging Cards.

After the 6h Cut Card, we now still have Four Points in our Hand, with prospects for a good Crib.
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Friday 4:36 AM
As opening dealer, will almost always try to get this 5 in the crib. (A 4) and (9 J) may be other options to consider, but I'm not too fond of throwing (A 4) and would rather keep that in my hand for the X cuts and the pegging. (9 J) if I'm feeling frisky, although it is a much weaker throw than any with a 5, it still sometimes catches good luck by providing a J and leaving the best room for growth in the hand, as evidenced by the 6 cut today. Even without the cut help in HAND, we still have prospects for an above average to good crib. Defense to the lead.
MiketheExpert says: Willing to risk the pairing of a J or K lead in case pone triples, but would rather not give up one on the opening deal. I wouldn't argue vehemently with one who felt better about responding with the A here.
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Friday 4:39 AM
Slow learner? I still think A4 is the way to go
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Friday 6:08 AM
A4 is looking for face cards and we can hold with 2 in the hand (have heard that phrase from a certain wise player). 59 to the crib somewhat more versatile.
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Friday 6:14 AM
Nice puzzle Rob. I hate hate hate A4JK…but I think I learned on here the 59 is better than A4 I’m my crib.
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Friday 6:30 AM
With only 6 known points (plus our “go”) we need to play offensively to protect as much of our surplus as possible.