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*** This hand was suggested by MiketheExpert
47*-50  ?
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Thursday 3:04 AM
Even when 5X is wrong, it's not usually wrong by much.

Cuts of 6,9 or T can still create a valuable hand.
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Thursday 3:10 AM
I’ll keep the sure 10 points.
Sally3 says: I hope you went back to bed, Gary! 4am sigh
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Thursday 3:30 AM
Flush tempted me, 6/9 in my crib is not thrilling, and I'd rather keep 5/6 together.
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Thursday 3:59 AM
Oh no I’m off the Sally bandwagon today !!! But thank you to Gary for picking me up and letting me jump on his-keeping the 8 point flush with the guaranteed 2 in the crib-we are looking for the same cards to be cut no matter how we hold the hand so might as well keep the extra 2 points-especially if the cut is a dud
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Thursday 4:12 AM
I gave you are hard shove, is why! lol
mrob2199 says: I felt it too!!!!! My 2nd choice would have been K5 to the crib-you only keep 6 points here and throw KJ to the crib-not exactly a big crib waiting to happen
Andy (muesli64)
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Thursday 4:26 AM
Keep the flush - more points.
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Thursday 5:08 AM
Now maybe the other shoe to drop a flush in the crib! dec
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Thursday 5:12 AM
Nice puzzle. I will hold the flush.
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Thursday 5:18 AM
scottcrib says: Not 1, not 2, but 3 posts from Sally today!
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Thursday 5:44 AM
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Thursday 5:46 AM
I don’t usually post on the site but I enjoy reading everyone’s reasoning for their choices. However, today I want offer my condolences for a true gentleman and great cribbage player. Al Miller. Rest In Peace.
scottcrib says: Well said.
Inushtuk1 says: Oh no! RIP
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Thursday 6:21 AM
Could there be a fairly rare crib flush in my future.
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Thursday 6:26 AM
Without the FLUSH, it would be a simple matter of choosing between Toss (5 J) and Toss (5 K), and normally I prefer Toss (5 J).

But a potential RUN might make Toss (5 K) a better way to go.

And yet it seems easier with the FLUSH, so Toss (6d 9d) is how I will split this hand. Even though Toss (6 9) is an "Also Ran" Dealer Discard, I think Eight Points in Hand with the FLUSH will make this the best choice.
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Thursday 6:41 AM
10 combined points to start, despite breaking up the 699.
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Thursday 6:51 AM
For some reason, this choice seems a lot more obvious now than it was during the actual game, and I can't help but wonder if some element should have been changed to make for a somewhat more challenging puzzle. Perhaps changing the relative score might have made the choice more difficult and goal of obtaining a certain "needed" number of combined points. As it is, we are on target and there seems to be no compelling reason to deviate from an optimal strategy at this point. So why not keep a combined 10 pts while keeping a strong flush and (6 9) crib throw.

I suppose some may love to keep the (6 9 9) combo together and toss (5 K), due to the large difference between the 2 crib values, negative delta of (6 9), and "max" hand potential of (6 9 9 J).

Btw, if dealer and pone were reversed at this score, I think my (6 9) toss remains the same, although this is now going into your opponent's crib.
MiketheExpert says: Maybe the tough decision would be between (6d 9d) and (Js Ks) if we are pone instead..?
Fender Bass
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Thursday 7:15 AM
I'll throw 6/9 in my own crib. Seems like every time I throw it to my opponent I get burned.
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Thursday 7:27 AM
It pays to flush.
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Thursday 7:48 AM
As wasa said, it pays to flush.
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Thursday 8:09 AM
An 8 point flush is worth more than 4 cuts for the double run. But what a doozie of a puzzle Mike.
Inushtuk1 says: Also with close decisions like this ,there is no reason not to start with 10 combined points as Rob said above. Play off the lead.