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*** This hand was suggested by Ras2829
81-84*  ?
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Wednesday 3:01 AM
It's rare to see a puzzle with just one clear solution by RAS. My guess is that something was entered incorrectly, and maybe that 5 of Clubs is supposed to be a 5 of Diamonds, after which Toss (6s Th) would compete very well with Toss (8 T).

The 8 Card Cut leaves us with just Four Points; let's lead a 6 Card from our PAIR.

Wordle 1,124 4/6 (an adverb of degree I'm certain)

Eolus619 says: JQT…your wordle clue today retrospect I can see the value with certainty
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Wednesday 3:11 AM
A 4 starter gives me 16. Lets go for it. Lead the 6 and I almost want a 9 reply.
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Wednesday 3:20 AM
10-8 and I would be happy with a four or even a six cut. AS much as I would like to slow the game down that 95-97 goal is staring me in the face. Lead the six or spades, play defense and hope the dealer is in the muck with us. dec
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Wednesday 4:44 AM
8 10 to my opponent. Of no help to my opponent I hope.
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Wednesday 4:49 AM
I think at most board positions 3-8 is the right throw. But it’s the end of third street, we’re down by 3, and we aren’t dealing so unfortunately we’ve got to try and make something happen.

Unlike the first few commenters, I went with 3-10 here, not 8-10. I felt safer throwing wide cards to the bad guy’s crib and I still receive the benefits of a 4 or 7 cut. 8-10 had me hesitating because tossing an 8 always involves some risk, especially with an 8 cut too. After thinking a bit more, I do think 3-5-6-6 would peg better than 5-6-6-8, especially with the 6-6-3 15 and more opportunities to play with lower cards (3 vs 8), but hopefully my safer crib throw can offset some of this advantage. Interested to see if I will be on an island today or if others will join me!
SallyAnn3 says: I'm on your island today, kal :) Going wide
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Wednesday 5:16 AM
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Wednesday 5:42 AM
I'm interested in experiences from people that play the Cribbage Pro Daily Scrimmage now that it's about 3 months old, and particularly people that largely play it once per day.

Are you playing the Daily Scrimmage the same way you approach a normal game of cribbage, or do you adapt your style specifically for the game? I have played it like a normal game and have been seeing my "ranking" get worse and worse. I'm fine having a low ranking, but it makes me wonder whether this is an indication that my normal game is really slipping, or that others are adapting to Daily Scrimmage and I'm not. I'm generally winning, discarding well, and out-pegging the computer, but end with comparatively low scores.

Are others playing a different approach (e.g., play for big cuts and lots of pegging runs) or do I need to focus on tightening up my game. All thoughts welcome!
arthurk says: I've been playing the Daily Scrimmage every day. Not sure my win rate, but it's probably 50/50 for me on first play and sometimes I'll try again to get the win. It has occurred to me that some people may repeat it several times to figure out what will get the win. I sometimes lose despite having much better numbers than the computer and it seems like it's not down to playing good cribbage (though I don't play good cribbage so maybe I shouldn't talk!)
fentesk says: Thanks Arthurk. In case you're interested, you can go to the Leaderboard tab and select the Daily Scrimmage tab and at the top there is a dropdown for "All Attempts" (default) and "First Attempts". Sometimes the overall leader will have 2-3 attempts, sometimes 30+. This is the main reason I've been focused on performance for first attempt and that makes it seem others are getting better at the system (I suppose it's possible there are sites where the hands are posted before people play, but I've not seen them if they exist and am assuming people are playing legitimately for their first attempt).
Sgt Pegger
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Wednesday 7:03 AM
I'm not giving up yet and I don't want to give the pone any "connectors" therefor I need to toss 2 cards as unrelated to each other as possible. I will lead with a 6.
MiketheExpert says: Hi Sgt. Actually, you have thrown the "connector" by discarding the 3 here. I think maybe you are thinking about "connected cards" with no rank in between. But (8 10) is as close to connected without being so, so then you didn't want to throw any "close cards" either, or gapped by only 1 rank :)
Sgt Pegger says: The confused look on mt face in sincere! Not sure how you are connecting a 3 & an 8. Other than them being diamonds there is no relative sequential connection ie....1-2-3-4-5-6 etc.
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Wednesday 7:06 AM
A swing and a miss!
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Wednesday 7:24 AM
I'm with kal. Thinking I should change my name to IslandGirl--after all, I'm a dual citizen of an island lol (but far from a girl anymore!)
Eolus619 says: Sally..the random starter card tells the tale on “best” discard ..but your comments contain three truths !
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Wednesday 8:25 AM
debated 3-8 vs 8-T.
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Wednesday 8:27 AM
I learned a lot from yesterday’s puzzle from JQT. Mostly I learned the importance of recognizing board position as a factor to determine whether to be offensive or defensive. I decided that it’s not likely that I’m going to get to the par hole, 96, with this hand. So my thinking was to play as defensively as possible which is why I threw the 3-10 to the crib. I recognize that throwing 3-8 is also a defensive move, but I liked keeping the eight in the hand so that it could mix with the other cards.
fentesk says: I appreciate your analysis even though we ended up with different selections. One thing that I had not fully appreciated today was that 3-8 and 8-10 are very close in discard averages. Schell has them within 0.05 points (5.05 vs 5.10). Going by gut, I would have expected 8-10 to be much worse. By averages when accounting for cards known in hand ("negative delta") a case can be made that 8-10 is more defensive today than 3-8, which I wouldn't have expected. With all of that said, your selection of 3-10 remains more defensive than either, so I should stress I'm just sharing values and not arguing with your selection.
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Wednesday 9:14 AM