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*** This hand was suggested by JQT
62-66*  ?
Total votes: 69
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Tuesday 3:09 AM
With Q-K, Q-T or T-K I might've tried A347, but not with T-J.
4 lead.
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Tuesday 4:58 AM
Interesting position, pone is a little short but we also need points as well. Like the adjoining face cards with the A4 (which I prefer to not send to the opponent by holding the 4-point flush).
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Tuesday 5:11 AM
I did not like the configuration of the flush with today's hand. Expected averages favor tossing 3-7 and retaining A4TJ.
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Tuesday 5:17 AM
I would need fifteens or a run to do flush choice today. A two point keep here seems to be on the light side. Defensive elevens and maybe an eleven point hand possibility. My " favorite " (so called safe ) lead. dec
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Tuesday 5:29 AM
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Tuesday 6:00 AM
Need the points, so keep the most points with the max cut options.
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Tuesday 6:16 AM
All is not lost here …62-66*….88*-92…112-118*..we are on the “right” side of the cycle to count first when it means the most. This is gougie00 hand…it is hard to play offense & defense at the same time…but today we face this challenge. Keeping four and risk tossing connectors that have less value than A-4 across the board . Best cut help A, 4,5 and F/Ts.