August 1, 2020

*** This hand was suggested by Gougie00
115-117*  ?
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Gougie00Is the 5 a liability?
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Saturday 3:04 AM
Since I have a pair of twos, it's less likely Dealer has any, and they should be safe to peg with.
2-2-4-9 or 2-2-5-8 then?

2D lead.
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Saturday 3:25 AM
Greg's cribbage fairy hasn't been kind to him again! The starter card of a Jack certainly gives dealer the upper hand. End games are tough for me but went with this hand that has a 3 card magic eleven. As if that would be enough help?
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Saturday 3:44 AM
Odds are not good to peg with a choice of three optimal keeps. Not going to overthink it and keep six , defensive eleven , and lead one of the twos. Now that dealer is at 119 play for them to have one go or last card for one. dec
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Saturday 3:59 AM
I believe that Keep (2 2 5 8) gives us far better chances that Keep (2 2 4 9) for defensive pegging, mainly due to the separation between the card ranks.

After the Jack Cut, this seems especially important, as now we cannot afford to give up any pegging whatsoever beyond the obligatory One Hole for either Last Card or "go" for the Dealer.

Let's lead a Deuce and see what happens!
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Saturday 4:07 AM
Keep all different cards for more chances pegging.
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Saturday 4:12 AM
When the dealer is this close to the finish line(4 hioles,but 2 now after that very unfortunate cut)we would prefer to hold a hand without a 5-the dealer is always going to retain one in this situation-knowing we need 6 points and are very likely to keep a 5 to acquire the requisite 6-fortunately today we are able to hold a 6 pint hand without a 5-and with a pair to lead from-which would be the optimum play here before that horrific J cut-lead the 2 and try avoid all the pegging land mines the dealer is going to unleash on us
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Saturday 4:36 AM
Without that detailed thought process, I basically figured what mrob said, that should avoid the 5. So kept 4,9 over 5,8. Again, did not consider possibility of J cut, and even if I did, I wouldn't know what to do about it. I think my low cards should help me dodge a go or two.
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Saturday 5:03 AM
I think we have to keep 6 here so it’s either 2-2-4-9 or 2-2-5-8. I like the first option dumping the 5 so that we don’t get trapped with it during the pegging. Lead a 2.
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Saturday 5:39 AM
2 + 9 = 11, that’s why I decided to throw 5 8 rather than 4 9. I was also worried about ending up having to lead my 5.
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Saturday 5:43 AM
End game, keep low cards for play. Start with a deuce.
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Saturday 6:00 AM
Felt good before that J cut.
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Saturday 6:13 AM
Hold enough points to count first...dump the 5...magic 11...lead the 2. Had hope until the cut, but still leading the 2.
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Saturday 6:14 AM
2258 or 2249. Binary choice.

5s are dangerous. Lead the 2.
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Saturday 7:23 AM
This is what I held and was still pegged out on. Ironically, had I held 2258, my original thought, I would have won. I think it was a case of outsmarting myself. I always post my failures.

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Saturday 10:38 AM
58 or 49? 4 feels safer in the hand, and 9 advances pegging more quickly. Cut really hurts. I would have led the 4 reflexively, but I see that 2 is the safer because I'm holding one of the other 2s.
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Saturday 1:52 PM
Ditto, ditto
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Saturday 3:22 PM
Think there are other hands which would have better chance of keeping dealer shy of the four pegs needed to win. Did not consider them as need six points to win. Am playing a defense strategy since I know I win with first count of six points. That means that I would not take a 15-2 unless dealer played an 8 on my deuce lead. Would then ditch that lone 5 for 15-2. Although I am fearful when holding a lone 5, believe the added space between 2-2-5 as compared to 2-2-4 outweighs the liability of the lone five. Will lead the 2C, drop the five second card played if that looks safe. If it looks unsafe to drop the five, will fake the flush by playing the 8. Hopefully will get rid of the five second card played then it's wiggle away from dealer with good distance between the remaining 2/8.
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Saturday 3:28 PM
I think it's between 2-2-4-9 (5-8) and 2-2-5-8 (4-9). Both start with 6pts so which hand will stop Dealer pegging 4pts better? I think I'll go for 2-2-4-9 and throw 5-8.
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Saturday 3:31 PM
At 115-117* the Dealer Peg Out %s for the two hands guaranteed to get out are:

_________________Dlr Peg Out %

2-2-4-9 is appreciably lower for chances of the opponent pegging out so I'll select 5-8 to discard.

After the J cut I'll lead a 2 and play Defense:

Lead________Dlr's Pegging Pts.____Win %
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Saturday 9:06 PM
Terrible cut. Lead the 2d.