October 14, 2020

*** This hand was suggested by SallyAnn3
41*-55  ?
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SallyAnn3Played Jazzselke in this game--he won, of course :)
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Wednesday 3:28 AM
Great show-card!

According to my algo - putting any pair of 3s into our crib we should score on an average 19 points. Second best choice would be any A-3 combo.
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Wednesday 3:46 AM
The only way to retain a Double RUN worth Eight Points in Hand, while stowing a nice PAIR into our Crib, is Toss (3 3).

Toss (A A) would be my second choice, but it would obviously be quite a bit inferior to Toss (3 3), which is a much stronger discard.

Toss (A 3) would be third or last, because while it does allow a Double RUN in Hand, it 'stalls' in the Crib with significant Negative Delta (since we were dealt a Deuce) and it also begins with no initial points.
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Wednesday 4:03 AM
At first glance I thought of tossing the pair of aces. See that it Iis better to keep 8 points in the hand and 2 in the crib to start. Second choice would.be to toss the aces.
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Wednesday 4:03 AM
Plenty of helpful cuts, and some of John's, "pin action" in my crib.

A bit fanciful maybe, but against X-X-X-X I'd peg ten holes:

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Wednesday 4:23 AM
Nice puzzle today Sally!In this position today I’m going to take a little bit of a chance and go for the bingo cut of an ace or 4-any picture ,3,7 or 9 will also give me at least a dozen-there is also a pegging aspect to this hold-if pone is holding 4 pictures we can lay the 2 on the first play and run the threes for 10 total pegging points here
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Wednesday 4:26 AM
Surprised a five wasn't cut there. I like keeping the double here. Pegging has that four card eleven could be an offensive pegger here. He must have got dealt good cards next deal for him. Offense. dec
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Wednesday 5:34 AM
Like the double run here with the 3s in the crib. I think the pair of 3s generally does better than a pair of As in our crib as the As are on the very low end with less chance to catch any of our opponent’s cards.
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Wednesday 6:24 AM
looking @ the pegs, dealt hand and starter ...the three Ras decision points ..ALL day full on offense to me
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Wednesday 6:26 AM
Its all about the crib. 3-3 and it really doesnt matter which. The ace gives me 15. I might get beyond hole 60 at the end of this deal. Save AA for the end of pegging.
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Wednesday 7:50 AM
I was looking for any starter of 9 or above. I figured that my odds were pretty good in that aspect. If the pone had a fistful of higher ranks the pegging would b a definite plus.

I certainly will not be shedding any tears that the starter card is an ace. It is not out of the realm of possibilities to reach hole 65 or 66.
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Wednesday 8:31 AM
2333 has a number of extremely helpful cuts, and the odds of hitting the quadruple run are lowered by being dealt 3 threes. Normally am not crazy about aces to the crib, but this is a unique case. Pegging aspect also already mentioned. But could not argue vociferously against the double-run hold.
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Wednesday 8:48 AM
3s Top 10 discard to my Crib , best Pair except for 5s
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Wednesday 9:52 AM
When looking at the pegs it's off., when looking at the six cards dealt it's off., and once seeing the starter card will shift downward one notch to optimal. That means I would take pegs as offered except would not pair a deuce if led. Combined value (pegs, potential hand and crib scores) dictate holding these cards. The combined value of this hold is slightly less than 18 points. Second choice would be to toss A-A. The 3-3 averages 6.075 (1,100) 10/91 as compared to A-A at 5.507 (1,209) 19/91. Those treys are 50% more likely to score a crib of 8 points or more and 25% less likely to score a mere tow points in dealer crib. Interesting puzzle.
Andy (muesli64)
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Wednesday 10:07 AM
Seems obvious?
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Wednesday 11:02 AM
I tossed the 3's.....hoping to parlay the aces....
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Wednesday 12:25 PM
SA3: yep, I tossed the 3s also. After this favorable cut, I will play some defense against the pone's lead in an attempt to keep her short of the next dealing mark.
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Wednesday 12:35 PM
On a tangential note: a puzzle like the one posted today highlights a programming flaw in this website. There are three ways to hold A-A-2-3. Given that suit is not an issue today, all of these have exactly the same value and therefore should be lumped together in the list at the top of the page, as it has absolutely no bearing on which 3 you hold. (The same thing applies to the six ways a player could hold A-2-3-3; they have all the same value and should be grouped together.) Granted, there are times when it matters which of a pair you hold--but not today.
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Wednesday 8:57 PM
Hoping for an X cut. 9 cut would work too. Happy with the A cut.