November 17, 2020

*** This hand was suggested by Ras2829
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Ras2829Non dealer strategy offense on opening deal. With these cards, what is that?
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Tuesday 3:10 AM
Early in the game, going with expected averages and holding this hand and tossing 3-K to opponent.
This hand has more cuts for improvement from 6 to 8 points.
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Tuesday 3:15 AM
I'll throw a K-9 sized spanner in Dealer's works.

Every cut increases the value of this hand.

6(6)-X(16)-3(19)-X(29)-A(30)-go-A(31/4) would be a welcome pegging sequence.
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Tuesday 3:21 AM
I thought we had this hand recently-no need to throw 2 away to keep 4 here-play it safe and look for a better spot later on
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Tuesday 4:07 AM
You can usually peg with sub par hands but hoping for a few minimal cuts counts out the balking discard for me. I think the 6-9 to many times turns into a six point crib. So its A-4-5-6-7-8-9 cuts hopefully here. Easier to slow down game here then go for it here. dec
Andy (muesli64)
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Tuesday 4:34 AM
Ras indicates he wants us to throw 6-9. So here goes!
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Tuesday 5:03 AM
Looking back at past hands I believe we had this identical hand on Nov 10, 2020. I’m sticking to what I did back then. Like the pegging potential here as well. Even though A-A-3-6 is helped by every cut and allows us to toss the super defensive 9-K, I like this hold slightly better, and 3-K is a top 20 defensive discard as well.
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Tuesday 5:19 AM
I thought I remembered what Andy said.
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Tuesday 5:39 AM
4 Points for me and none to his Crib is my Choice to begin this game
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Tuesday 6:26 AM
I believe the offense here could be the pegging. The 69 combo may work, and the aces up top: 6-9 - 9- 5 and then AA (31 for 4).
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Tuesday 6:39 AM
I threw the same on the 10th, but didn’t remember having done so.
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Tuesday 6:44 AM
We're gonna keep doing this once each week until everyone agrees.
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Tuesday 6:50 AM
Didn't we just see this hand and position a week ago?
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Tuesday 6:56 AM
looking back...the 11/10 comments had three lessons for me: 1) Rob said first pone does not need to be in all out offense fact it’s a bad % play 2) JQT and Andy reminded us of the explosive potential of keeping A-A-3 in a hand and then Ras reminded us 3) of the “total” point aspects of evaluating a hand that gets Pone furthest toward 121. Reinforcing those three points for me is a valuable reminder.
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Tuesday 7:06 AM
I agree with Mike, we saw this puzzle or something similar a few weeks ago. Dealt garbage and having to deal with it. Lead an ace?
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Tuesday 7:29 AM
To JQT - you answered a Q I had yesterday, but I didn't get to it until today. Just a thank you!

Follow up: You wrote that with 7-8-9-J cards, leading the 8 was the best way(if not in end-game).

I'm wondering-would there be some 3-card runs where you would be better off leading from the end? eg 5-6-7-K, maybe lead the 5 or 7? (ignoring end-game)

These days, I "lead the middle card" with almost all runs. Seems to work pretty well. But maybe some exceptions are out there?

Thanks in advance - John
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Tuesday 8:32 AM
I tend to give away the 9-6, with hands like this at the start of the game. Usually pays off, though can backfire.

I seem to be in the minority here, though :-)
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Tuesday 8:47 AM
I am not giving up 2pt to retain 4pts hence the toss. Going to lead the 9.
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Tuesday 1:59 PM
I'm with you JCM. Was taught not to fear the 6-9 nor 9-9 toss, esp when I can get 8-12 with a good cut.