September 11, 2021

*** This hand was suggested by MiketheExpert
74-76*  ?
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Saturday 3:17 AM
Like yesterday, I think we need to go for the largest hand possible. In this case a chance for 12-14 points.
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Saturday 3:45 AM
I think we have a slightly better chance of slowing the dealer down with defense than keeping A239,getting a cut and pegging,and then getting another very good hand-lead the ace and peg defensively
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Saturday 3:55 AM
A choice between 2-3 or 5-6 if I was dealing, but very hard to see anything I like here as Pone. Interesting puzzle Mike.

I'll try 2-9, but it's a guess.
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Saturday 5:13 AM
I pondered A-5 but I felt defense would still be the relevant ploy here for me. Three lead. dec
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Saturday 5:38 AM
I went defense
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Saturday 5:40 AM
I’m with Gary today. I like the aggressive tactic here where any A,2,3, or even 9 cut can get us to the mid to high 80s and with a few pegs possibly a little further. I would lead the 9 and look to peg with my three touching low cards.
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Saturday 5:55 AM
74-76*…84*-92…100-102*…110*-116…going to play defense defensive toss seems to be 2-9…keep A-3-5-6 gets cut help from all ranks.
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Saturday 6:11 AM
If we were 5 holes farther down the board I would consider A239. But even a maximum cut at 74 plus 2 pegs still only gets us to Hole 90. Or if I was throwing A5 or 59 instead of 56 I would be more inclined to take the risk.
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Saturday 6:27 AM
Pleasantly surprised that my choice matches so many others. Was thinking defense. Every cut helps this hand.
Fender Bass
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Saturday 7:39 AM
Seems like this sort if hand comes up fairly frequently, though maybe it's just one you remember when it does. I always hold the 5 and five combo's and it always nice to keep the run inact. Also, any cut helps and the 6/9 is pretty much limited to 6's and 9's unless the 7/8 combo shows up, which seems unlikely.
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Saturday 7:49 AM
We're way behind the 8-Ball today, as Pone at Hole 74, with our Opponent Ahead and Dealer from Hole 76. We should likely lose this game badly.

It appears we have a choice between Toss (6 9) and either Toss (A 9) or Toss (2 9), and if there is something else that is viable, it's difficult to see.

Of course, there is that absurd, "When on Thin Ice: Dance!" Theory of Cribbage, which might have us Toss (5 6) here, and retain our best chances for a 14-Point Hand!

Still, it's difficult to imagine what kind of success it would take, even if it did somehow occur, to find us as Next Dealer at or beyond Hole 96 for Next Deal. I see nothing good on that horizon.

I'd rather defend and hope than play too recklessly and "wish" for magical help, so I shall Toss (2 9) today and after the Krazy King Cut, let's lead the 6 Card, because, why not?!
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Saturday 8:24 AM
Want to slow dealer down. Being I have one of the fives I’ll go with A9 rather than 29 to dealer.
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Saturday 9:41 AM
Very tough situation to be in. Down 2 pts on the board, but what seems to be a "mile" away from being in a position to win this game, especially after this deal in which it seems we have really no good choice to make. I posted this more for curiosity's sake as seeing how some "very good strong" players would handle this situation. I believe all of (A 9), (2 9), or (6 9) tosses are very close propositions here, and ultimately I chose (6 9) as the winner by a nose. My thought process as such: My feeling is that in order to have a decent shot, we need to be "offensive" here, as dealer is already dealing from 6 pts past hole 70, and we are really way behind position, 22 pts away from dealing from hole 96. "Defense" is likely to increase our chances of losing by "less" points, but nevertheless increase our chance of losing, which is already quite high to begin with. Since I don't feel I'm in any "skunk" danger, my first thought is offense, but I just CAN'T do it at the cost of tossing (2 3) or (5 6) into the crib, which is akin to deciding not to open the parachute in mid-fall.. However the toss of (A 9) or (2 9), although every cut improves these hands, seems to damage my potential a little TOO much, as I certainly cannot be satisfied with an average performance. So I chose the "middle" option f you will -- keeping the potential for a double run, the double-5 combo which improves by 4 pts with any face card cut, and maybe "just adequate" defense on the pegging and also the ability to capture some relatively safe pegs as pone. (6 9) gives up some modest (6-7-8) pt cribs, but also quite a few of 4 or less, and very rarely 10+.... Can't say the same at all for (2 3) or (5 6). After the K cut which improves my hand to 7, let's lead the deuce and try to squeeze a few more safe points on the pegging, hopefully end this deal at around hole 84-85, and re-evaluate the situation on the next deal providing I still have some hope of catching him after these hand results are in.
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Saturday 5:14 PM
This where Rob gets one of his miracle cuts.
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Saturday 9:16 PM
With dealer already at hole 76 (3rd street CPZ 69-73), am thinking offense to include the pegging from the outset, knowing that n/d has four points after the cut, starter card seems to be of no value to n/d discard of 2-9, will down shift to optimal. and peg with caution. That lends itself to holding A-3-5-6 which improves with every cut and is the only four among these six which pegs on average 3 points. Other combinations have fewer cuts for improvement and none reach 2 pegs on average. No HalscribCLX analysis as of this time. The peg values shown if choosing an optimal strategy or offense (nothing to defend here) will be very close to those calculated by the cribbot (not likely to be more than .2 difference).