October 13, 2021

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Wednesday 3:13 AM
I’ll try to cover 2 bases instead of just 1 with those hold-my thinking is that if I cut a 6,7 or 8 I’m still going to be pleased with the improvement to my hand-and any picture or ace or 4 could lead to an 8 to 12 point crib
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Wednesday 3:14 AM
Are we back again asking should we toss A-4 in our crib since it adds up to a "5"? Not with today's hand. Holding A678 and tossing 4-Q starting at 7 points and a possible maximum of 16.
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Wednesday 3:14 AM
Keep the Ace in my hand for two points there, rather than put it in the crib with the 4 for two points there.
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Wednesday 3:45 AM
I use that what if scenarios a few times even in the pegging on the opponent. What I mean if a certain cut or a opponent lead peg card on best / worst outcomes. dec
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Wednesday 5:17 AM
Sorry Rob, but the Ace goes with the 6-7-8.
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Wednesday 5:18 AM
Only a trey cut does not help my hand or crib and A-4 worth more in my crib. If I do not keep A-4 together I miss on all T/F cuts except another Q.
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Wednesday 5:27 AM
Keeping hand intact today. Keeps those 13, 14, and 16 hands a possibility with the A, 6, 7, or 8 cut. 2 and 9 cuts also better with this hold.
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Wednesday 5:36 AM
I like starting with 7 pts. A-4 is often lacklustre in my crib. Often lacklustre even in Opp's crib, too.
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Wednesday 5:37 AM
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Wednesday 6:14 AM
Don't get cute. Keep the point in your hand.
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Wednesday 6:28 AM
There are certain Dealer Hands that seem to benefit from having an Ace 'Kicker' and (A 6 7 8) is one of these hands.

Sure, Toss (A 4) will add certain points to our Crib, but it is my experience that it will certainly add even more if we retain that Ace in the Hand!
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Wednesday 7:00 AM
Be nice to your crib and your crib will be nice to you.
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Wednesday 8:02 AM
BTW, played a game on playok yesterday. My opponent caught 5555 cut J as dealer. I caught 77899 last hand and nicked him at the wire.
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Wednesday 8:13 AM
One of my favorite holds.
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Wednesday 11:16 AM
It took me 12 years to figure this one out. You can get it all in the observations posted this day. Folks tend to think of the A-4 as they do the 2-3. Not a good thing to do. 2-3 ranks 2/91 and A-4 ranks 22/91. When this hand shows up, the 4-X should be automatic. Doesn't matter the choice of strategy (offense, optimal or defense to include the pegging) holding the Ace with 6-7-8 is much superior in hand score. Yes you do get a larger crib with the A-4 discard though giving up nearly 2.5 points in potential hand score to gain two points in crib score. Combined values (-pegs, hand and crib scores), will as today favor the 4-X discard by about 1/3 point more over the 6-7-8-Q hold. Hand potential is slightly better if the four cards remained would be 6-7-8-10 though still not correct. If you've been tossing !-4 from this hand, treat yourself nice and toss 4-X. You'll like the switch given just a little time.
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Wednesday 2:19 PM
I like keeping A or a 2 with 6-7-8