November 25, 2021

*** This hand was suggested by Eolus619
33-42*  ?
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Thursday 3:00 AM
We are Pone, and sitting peacefully just Eleven Points 'shy' of the Second Street Par Hole 44. Meanwhile, our Dealer Opponent is One Hole 'shy' of Dealing from that same target.

We've got some 'Catching Up' to do, and with a better-than-average hand, we might do it, since Pone tends to average about Ten Points.

Keep (A 2 3 9) gives us a few potential Cuts at Fourteen Points, but this entails the foolish Toss (5 6) discard! Let's NOT do this, unless maybe we're at (106-117*)! What else do we have?

I am not fond of Keep (A 2 3 5), and to be completely honest, I almost fear the Hand as much as the Toss (6 9) discard! So much for rationality.

We certainly do NOT want to Toss (2 3); after all, this isn't "Losers Cribbage," is it?

What's left? Not a whole lot, to be sure. Maybe we can consider Keep (2 3 5 6) and Toss (A 9)? Or we could at least add-up to Fifteen with Keep (A 3 5 6) and Toss (2 9). I'm just putting it out there, folks.

This arrangement all harkens back to my long dissertation regarding "How Good Cards Often Lose Cribbage Games." It's because, when we're Pone, we must 'give away' fully one-third of them!

When push comes to shove, we might even contemplate Toss (5 9) today: after all, it's Thanksgiving, and "Everything's on the Table!"

In the end, let's try Keep (A 3 5 6) and Toss (2 9). "Look what I've done to my Hand, Mom." I feel like I put the turkey in the oven last night, and forget to turn it on!

Can thirty minutes on "defrost" in the microwave oven salvage this? (We'll first need the chain saw or else it won't fit!) Whether you call it "stuffing" or "dressing," this Hand of ours has had quite the preparation.

After the 6 Card Cut, we can also now worry about the Toss (2 9) discard; those who decided to Toss (6 9) might even lose their appetites. Serves them right! And if you dared to Toss (5 6), sorry: you're sitting at the Little Kids' Table!
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Thursday 3:17 AM
3-2-6 combo might bring four pegging points.

With this hand as Dealer, would 2-3 or 5-6 be better?
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Thursday 3:17 AM
Well, yuck. Happy Thanksgiving to the US commentators :)

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Thursday 4:51 AM
2356 and A356 both improve on any cut. Although we are 9 points behind, dealer is only in marginal positions at Hole 42. We probably won't get o Hole 46 or so as well.
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Thursday 4:55 AM
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Thursday 5:40 AM
Went wide as possible. Every cut help if only a little. Lead the 3 and peg a little.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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Thursday 6:02 AM
Just maybe they have a four and a seven to play off on the pegging. gobble gobble. dec
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Thursday 6:35 AM
Went with the 2-9 discard today to guarantee at least 4 points. Wouldn't want to hold 2356 and only end up with 2. Lead the 6.
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Thursday 7:21 AM
Good puzzle today Rob!...Although the particular cut today on CHOD is what I was most afraid of. I would consider both players to be in a tenuous position here at best. I could be in trouble if I don't reach my next hole marker and it could be an uphill struggle for the remainder of the game. However, he is close to par, and I can't get too overzealous either.

I would very much like to keep my run (A-2-3), but I think either the (5-6) or the (2-3) crib throws are too steep a price to pay. I am not too worried about the also-ran (6-9) crib throw with him at hole 42, although this cut pretty much squashes that theory.

So I chose to throw the (6-9) automatic 2, while the keep of (A-2-3-5) is guaranteed improvement, leaves a double-run possibility intact, and improves by a solid 4 pts on any face card cut. After the unwanted 6 is cut, now I should step back and re-evaluate. With 3 of his known crib cards to be (6-6-9), I need to be prepared that I have possibly given up a large crib (at least 6, easily 12 points or more). Whilst our hand has only improved by a disappointing 2.

In order for me to reach hole 44, I have to peg 6 pts, a monumental task. So I think it is wisest to proceed with caution, try to keep him under target, and wait for better opportunities ahead.

Lead the 2 and take safe pegs if able.
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Thursday 7:49 AM
"Behind and Not Dealing" feels like it should be the name of a cribbage book, but here we are. It's not great, but dealer isn't fully in position yet, so we need to help ourselves while avoiding letting them run away.

So I'm not necessarily looking to play full defense here, but that looks to be the result after hacking apart this poor defenseless hand. Dealer's position doesn't let me toss 6-9 or anything with a 5 which limits my choices. I came down to A-2 or A-9, or 2-9. All meet my desire to limit dealer so I'm comfortable with any of them. Then it's back to what works best for me, which here is 2-9 and its guaranteed 4 points.
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Thursday 8:04 AM
This was a difficult decision for me. Almost tossed the 6-9. Maybe should have kept the A-3-5-6 for guaranteed 4 points in hind sight. Wanted to keep the powerful 2-3 combo for pegging plus the chance of an X card cut
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Thursday 10:13 AM
2-3-5-6 will yield 6 pegging points opposite X-X-X-X. Lead the 3. I've got one of the 5's reducing likelihood dealer has another, let alone for the crib. A-9 close to top 20 throws to own crib.
Fender Bass
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Thursday 12:40 PM
Seems like this comes up fairly frequently. I keep the run and the 5 and hope we don't cut a 6 or 9. No luck today!
Fender Bass
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Thursday 6:46 PM
Ya that seems to happen more than it should too!