August 4, 2022

*** This hand was suggested by Ras2829
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Thursday 3:03 AM
Went for the 5 7 9 cuts. Some pegging flexibility also. dec
JCM says: Discarding 8-6 to crib(Holding TTQK) goes for the J and 5 cuts in hand and the 7 cut in crib. Same number of cuts as discarding K-Q. The differences may be that your way gives more pegging flexibility, but my way gives better crib hopes. At least it seems that way to me.
dec says: I would like to limit their pegging here. The best max cuts might pertain to the crib but I do not believe opponent will help the crib. I was first vote so that is how I would play it live. dec
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Thursday 3:05 AM
Talk about ugly hands. Want to keep the 8 with the tens so KQ To the crib. Nice cut anyways.
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Thursday 3:25 AM
Ugly hand indeed. I tried 8-6 to crib for best crib hopes.
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Thursday 3:31 AM
We begin the game as the Dealer, and with an interesting Hand with only Two Points.

Potential exists between those "Gapper" Cards of 6-8, 8-T-T, and T-T-Q, and while the latter two are are the more powerful, these both vanish if we Toss (T T).

Therefore, we should probably either Toss (6 8) or Toss (Q K). Interestingly enough, Toss (6 K) would allow us to retain both chances for the Double RUN, and while it does minimal damage in separating the 6 Card from the 8 Card, Toss (6 K) is an extremely weak Dealer Discard.

Toss (6 K) is such a weak discard, that Toss (Q K) is a superior choice today. What's more difficult to see is that Toss (6 8) perhaps allows us even more opportunities, with a more-powerful Crib.

Let's Toss (6 8) and OPTIMIZE our Chances for BIG HELP.

After the 9 Card Cut, HELP HAS ARRIVED, but only for those who decided to Toss (Q K) or Toss (6 K)! Aw, shucks!
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Thursday 3:50 AM
Cribbage players would like to be able to predict the future, but that is not for us mere mortals. Maybe we can be classified as "educated guessers" at best. Here's to more education in our future!
scottcrib says: I made it to 1000 votes!
Samgash33 says: Happy 1000!
Eolus619 says: 👏👏👏👏for Scott…your contributions to CHOD have been valuable !
Ras2829 says: Hi scottcrib: You've made it to a thousand votes and provided hope/joy to those who have watched your knowledge of this wonderful game grow with each passing post. Your willingness to share in such an open manner is highlighted nearly every day as well. Thanks so much!
MiketheExpert says: Congratulations scott! I'm coming up on just half of that, but it already seems like the time has just flown by.
scottcrib says: Thank you!
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Thursday 4:01 AM
I hate hands like these. My crystal ball conked out. If I knew a 9 would be the starter, I'd toss the KQ instead. Anyway, was hoping the 6-8 would get some help from the opponent. Its still possible I got something like 7-9.

Cannot win a game on first street, but you can lose one. Might be the case this time.

Supposed to reach 100 degrees today in Massachusetts. Used to be we saw 100 every 10 years or so. Seems to be an annual event now. Maybe Gore is right about global warming.
JCM says: Climate warming is real - but let's not go into that here
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Thursday 4:03 AM
Looks like we are going to lose position straight away!
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Thursday 5:39 AM
Gougie00 & JQT. have said it well for the 6-8. GFD needs par hole eight to retain initial advantage. With the nine cut THAT is now in doubt.
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Thursday 5:56 AM
6-8 helped by A/6/7/8 or 9 = 18/46 = 39% of the deck. With three cards joining my discard, I would expect one of them to be immediately useful.
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Thursday 6:13 AM
My take here was - when in doubt, toss the best cards to the crib. The hand improves with just one card (the cut card). The crib improves with three cards (cut plus 2 from opponent). Maybe my opponent tossed me 7-9 or 9-T? I can dream, right?
scottcrib says: Or even A-9 or A-7 would be very helpful.
MiketheExpert says: I agree, there are many more combos helpful to the (6 8) than the (Q K) with 3-card potential to improve, even if both the 7 and J are "dead" so to speak without one of these cards being cut. Normally I may try for additional points on the pegging as well if I feel I can gain more of an advantage, but that is not the case with a hold such as (6 8 10 10), instead I am seeing "danger" signs with a poor hold, and I would likely have to give up as many points as I gain on pegging, so would be more inclined to play off even as dealer here...(10 10 Q K) will probably not give up many points if he cannot score a 15-2 off the opening lead.
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Thursday 7:06 AM
More hope for synergy with this hold. Q/K are usually worthless cards to me, so maybe my opp thinks so, and gives me one of them.
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Thursday 7:54 AM
Despite the cut, I think it usually pays to throw the (6 8) into the crib using a defense strategy. (Q K) or (6 8) throws both rely on a connector discard or cut, and pone will normally be unwilling to part with either the 7 or J. Holding all X values on average should be best for the combined value of hand and crib, and has a lower danger of getting into a pegging war with a poor hand on first deal. The 9 is really the only cut (as typical with CHOD) for which I PERHAPS would have liked to keep the (6 8) in my hand, however even this is uncertain with a very poor (Q K) to match in the crib.
MiketheExpert says: Yes, pretty hard to overcome the 8-pt disparity in hand value after the 9 cut even if I could see the future, I would have tossed (6 8) but maybe only in this case.
MiketheExpert says: (6 8) = (Q K) above
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Thursday 8:45 AM
I think this hold may peg better. Sometimes you are the bug and sometimes the windshield. Today we end up the windshield.
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Thursday 8:47 AM
Yoss K Q 9 cut equal Ten Points will take it
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Thursday 9:54 AM
Playing the crib. Hate QK (note that for an upcoming submission).
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Thursday 9:11 PM
If choosing defense to include the pegging as dealer of hand one of game, the four large cards have the edge by about half a point. Peg avoidance is better than holding 6-8-10-10 and potential crib score of 6-8 4.631 far exceeds the paltry average of Q-K 3.483. If choosing offense to include the pegging in another board position, holding 6-8-10-10 has a slight edge. Be flexible enough to accommodate these differing strategies. Let the choice of strategy make the discard/pegging decision for you. About 2/3 of the time the discard choice is the same whether choosing defense, offense, or optimal.