April 14, 2024

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Sunday 3:10 AM
Don’t really see any other palatable options here-NOT willing to sacrifice 1 point with the 3 pictures and a 5 to discard a K6 to my crib-the pegging should be infinitely better with the 56 and any heart cut provides us with 2 points since we hold the Jack of hearts
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Sunday 3:18 AM
Choosing defense to include the pegging, holding 9 points has the slight edge. Second choice would have been to discard Q-K, and presence of 5 and J in cards retained reduces the potential crib value of Q-K to even less than the 6-K. Play off the lead although would take 15-2 on a X-pointer if offered.
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Sunday 3:32 AM
I like holding the six is a play on the lead.Starters of Fours and Sevens can up the count also. dec
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Sunday 4:49 AM
With a one point difference I'm holding the flush.

6 gives some options and the Q-K are better in the crib than a 6-T
MiketheExpert says: If not keeping the flush, I'd throw the (6-K) for a slightly better hand and crib average, which knocks the 6-T into 3rd place for me. But I liked the additional options holding the 6 and magic-11, and thought this was worth a 1-pt sacrifice to hold the flush as well.
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Sunday 5:07 AM
Prefer the pegging possibilities of the flush. Play the 6 on a face-card lead? First hand, will take the 15 and hopefully the 6 for 31. Will save the 6 play for a more defensive position.
Inushtuk1 says: Hi Dan. So you disagree *slightly* with Colvert here. Interesting.
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Sunday 5:09 AM
I’ll flush, but it strikes me as very close
MiketheExpert says: I think it is a close decision, yes. Holding the run seems to give you better reach and a higher maximum due to the run, but it seems more likely you will give up more pegs as well. The flush would seem to be the "standard" play for those who lean more towards full "Colvert" defense (which I don't much of the time), but it seems like a reasonable line of play in this instance. Of course, if holding the run, then I would be playing my 5 (15-2) on an X lead, whereas some may choose to try pegging 4 (15-2, 31-2) holding this, thus some differences in style of play on opening hand would seem to come to light here - (and I can't say ANY of them are wrong, in particular).
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Sunday 5:29 AM
Looks like I only agree with RAS. Never a bad thing. I like keeping the extra point.
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Sunday 5:41 AM
I'll keep the sure 9. Not overthinking this one.
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Sunday 5:54 AM
I think it'll be close between this and T6. Interesting dilemma.
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Sunday 5:54 AM
Keeping the 5-6 together, and only the 1-2-3 cuts don't help.
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Sunday 6:57 AM
I'll exchange 1 point for this starting flush and magic-11, and some additional cuts to improve (including any heart). This is better for both offense and defense, although cutting the maximum scoring potential of 17 points. (Q K) is slightly better than (6 10) or (6 K) to my crib. The cut lands me at 9 points, and let's play defense to the lead. I'll play the defensive 6 here on an opening X-card lead.
MiketheExpert says: Sorry, I miscounted. This one is a 10-pt hand :)
MiketheExpert says: Negative delta could mean the (Q K) is about tied or slightly worse - but I'll still choose to retain the pegging advantage over this virtual tie in the crib.
Inushtuk1 says: So now with those who kept the flush; we have one person taking the (15-2) on any X-Card lead, and two preferring the 6 reply.
SallyAnn3 says: I echo the jazzman
Inushtuk1 says: Using Schell, we start at + 8, with Pone at - 8. Not really full defense is it?. I wonder if in his later years Colvert evolved to a different idea from the one he presented in his book. I'd like to generate more of a discussion on this 5-6 as Dealer after an X-Card opening lead. Any takers?
Eolus619 says: Hi Mike...Colvert would have had to prove to himself that the 26 theory & GFDer's inherent advantage is no longer valid..and why it isn't..have not heard that being done by anyone
Ras2829 says: Hi Inushtuk1: Knew DeLynn Colvert well and played many games of cribbage with him over about 20 years. He did not play pure defense or offense as defined on this site. As dealer of opening hand, he was nearly a purist though and would play the 6 in preference to the five on a X-point lead even from hands that had only four points. Conversely if choosing offense would always play the five on a X-lead and plan to close the count at 31-2 with the 6. Don't ever remember him using the term optimal. Think Coeurdelion's oft-used term of "cautious offense" would fit Colvert.
Inushtuk1 says: Thanks Bruce, and Ras.
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Sunday 7:17 AM
I'll sacrifice one starting point to keep the best Magic Eleven in Cribbagedom. Full Colvert to the X-Card lead. I see I'm going against Ras with the discard, and against Dan Selke in the response to the X-Card lead. Willing to learn today.
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Sunday 7:22 AM
Flushing today paid off
Ras2829 says: Hi J.W.B.: Either holding flush or 5-10-JH-Q results in 10 points.
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Sunday 11:19 AM
A wealth of shiny objects this morning, a flush, a straight, a red five ..... No flush for me...
Ok, the flush was very popular this morning...