April 15, 2024

*** This hand was suggested by Eolus619
41*-39  ?
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Eolus619The discard can include an Ace, eight Q or K..if you keep the Q and/or K in the hand..why did you do it?
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Monday 3:14 AM
Ugly hand today Bruce-I prefer to keep the chance of double runs together-albeit with 2 different lucky gut shots ( a 9 or J)
Eolus619 says: morning Rob..if Pone lead a trey or four ..what would be your reply..thanks
mrob2199 says: Good question Bruce-on a 3 lead I’m definitely playing my 8- a 4 lead is more problematic-I would probably play the 10( less likely to be matched than the Q) and dump the 8 next in search of a J trap at the end with my remaining 10 and Q
Eolus619 says: Thanks‼️
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Monday 3:53 AM
My best friend, a 5, came to the rescue. Ugly cards. I threw myself KQ because that's what I throw to the other guy's crib.

Happy Patriots Day.
zeke76 says: The 5 really is a life saver here. Discard two if by sea?
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Monday 3:54 AM
Like Rob, I want the 9J double run possibilities but hope maybe A8 can catch something in the crib.
RedTailRogue says: Same
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Monday 4:01 AM
Toss the K&Q to our crib. Greater likelihood of marrying those two cards up with another K or Q.
Eolus619 says: Morning..new commenter ?…..think so…welcome
kabar says: thx!
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Monday 4:20 AM
If poker has taught me anything, its that drawing to an inside run is NOT a play to bet money on.

Keeping the A leaves me with an 11 hand.
Eolus619 says: and being the dealer …the two card “ 11” works!👏👏👏
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Monday 4:21 AM
I like keeping the chance of double runs with a 9 or J giving me 8 points.
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Monday 5:22 AM
I thought I’d be alone on this one. If we’re behind our par and given such junky cards, why not hold to maximize our chance for a double run? Unless we get lucky, no hand is going to amount to much, but at least we have the 5, 9, or J to help us a lot.
ZulwarnGames says: And by alone, I thought I made the wrong call at first. Glad to see I’m aligned occasionally with all these skilled players.
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Monday 5:24 AM
Kept the Q Bruce for *two* gut shots Bruce. Two gut shots = 1 open ended double run shot. Admittedly it will be close between this and my second choice of (A-8) because (A-8) has a higher Crib average than (A-K). But we haven't seen any 4's yet.
Inushtuk1 says: Almost forgot arguably the most important reason. (A-8) leaves us with X-X-X-X. No picnic for pegging.
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Monday 5:33 AM
Agree with 2 chances for a double-run, best we can do.
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Monday 5:41 AM
In this instance, I don't like keeping the lone A in hand, and think it is best served in the crib where it may get some other help. Might as well keep the double-ended run attempt, and I should be able to avoid giving up a bundle of pegs as well. The 5 cut is a little more what the doctor ordered. I may try and earn a few pegs while avoiding too much danger. Won't pair an 8 lead, but I may risk pairing the 10.
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Monday 5:42 AM
Hands of four X cards are tough to play since so many people are aware of the, "magic 11", combos to take advantage of them. A-8 seemed to be the discard with the most promise though.

A little late to the party on this one, but CribbagePro has a new feature called, "Daily cribbage scrimmage", akin to duplicate bridge, where everybody gets the same hands as each other to see who can get the best result. I know JQT has previously spoken about a similar game that was available, on Ecribbage I think?

I won't say why, since it might spoil it for others, but my result for today was not good:

Cribbage Pro Scrimmage
15th Apr 2024
💔Score: 111 to 121
🌟SP: 504
Eolus619 says: Morning James500..just a clarifying fyi..the daily scrimmage is in beta test ..so it is a bit involved to get to it through another app named testflight ..according to fuller the beta test period should be over in the near future ..stay tuned
JFS147 says: Eolus619 is correct, it is currently still in testing through a "Beta" period. So, definitely not "late to the party" at all. I hope to have it out in about a week or so, but there are a few things in the release that need just a little more polish before I let it out in the wild. It is inspired by the ideas of Duplicate Cribbage, and I hope to add more features around it as it gains traction / popularity. If you want to read about how it all works, here is the help section for it: https://www.cribbagepro.net/help/daily-cribbage-scrimmage.html If anyone wants to join the Beta, you can do so - it is entirely open to everyone. As was mentioned, it is a little more involved on iOS devices, where you use Apple's TestFlight to load the Beta. To do that there, you can use this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/EbFA7iuB For Android users on the Google Play Store, you need only go to the games listing on the Play Store, scroll down and find the option to join the Beta. Once joined and accepted, come back a little later to find the update to the Beta version which you can just install directly there and get early access to the new features. Please do send any and all feedback to support@FullerSystems.com During a Beta like this, your feedback is truly appreciated!
james500 says: Hi both, thank you for the clarification.
HaydenSr says: Hi JFS, i am not sure what to originally search for in playstore on android. can you clarify?
JFS147 says: HaydenSr, just "Cribbage Pro" should work, but here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fullersystems.cribbage
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Monday 5:49 AM
I think 8-K slightly more defensive than A-K. Although both very strong balking tosses. 4, 5, or J cuts garner 8 for us. Maybe we steal a 15-2 with the ace after our 10 lead. And with opponent short maybe they play desperate and pair our 10 lead. If not, would look to dump that ace early to avoid getting trapped with it later on.
mfetchCT425 says: Never mind my post. I thought we were pone, lol.
mfetchCT425 says: Off to get some coffee!!
mfetchCT425 says: As dealer, like 8-10-10-Q.
mrob2199 says: Mental note-bring Mike a double espresso for the Abington tournament lol
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Monday 5:49 AM
As above
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Monday 5:56 AM
Figured I had a better chance of pairing a K or Q in my crib, than getting gut shots, and prefer the ace in my hand. Ugly, no matter what, and saved by the cut!
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Monday 6:44 AM
For the nine cut mostly. The ace to me is a minimal pegging advantage. dec
Sgt Pegger
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Monday 9:29 AM
Hands like these for me, can be money makers. Keep the cards that have a chance at some pegging points and dump the ones that if they connect..... cool. I'm simply trying to make the best of a bad situation.
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Monday 10:35 AM
Thanks to all for the comments.This puzzle was an actual hand & score. GougieOO has made the point before that how these kinds of hands are played is what makes players successful. My thinking was I did not like keeping the Ace because of the pegging vulnerability.That lead me to keep the potential double run. When I studies this further the discards KA...8A...KQ..were close in hand + crib score but I like the double run aspect
Eolus619 says: studied...yikes
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Monday 4:01 PM
In low-scoring hands (and they don't get much lower than 2 points) holding two prospects for a double run is a viable strategy. Here a 9 or J fills those gaps. Likewise, the starter 5 gives dealer 8 points. Will take reasonably safe pegs though see no reason to play the 8 on a mid-card lead. Since discarded an Ace would make the count 14 on a 4 lead, keeping 8-10-10 together. If you've not been looking for a second bridge to a double run in low-scoring hands, it's time. And you'll be surprised at how often one of the two cards needed will show on the deck.
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Monday 10:26 PM
I went with the 10s and face cards in hopes of that 5. Got it!