April 16, 2024

*** This hand was suggested by horus93
8-8*  ?
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Tuesday 3:10 AM
Try it this way
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Tuesday 3:24 AM
If choosing offense to include the pegging, holding A-2-K-K has the edge as it gains slightly more in the pegging and gives up a smaller crib than does discarding 2-7. Considered only discards of 7-J, 2-7, and A-7. Since choosing offense will lead KD and take any pegs offered. Suppose one could argue a strategy shaded towards defense since dealer of this hand has only 8 points. My choice generally favors moving down the board, if factors are near eaual. So they seem to be!
Ras2829 says: If unsure of how the possible discards rank, here goes: 7-J 4.69 (1,807) 34/91; 2-7 4.804 (1,481) 37/91; and A-7 4.813 (1,482) 38/91> Number in parentheses represents number of times discarded to opponent crib in live play and results recorded.
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Tuesday 3:34 AM
Prefer the 2 littles 2 bigs hold with the defensive toss of J7- obviously we lucked into a good cut in improving from 2 to 6- I don’t like this pegging hand configuration so I’m going to lead the 2 and hopefully limit the dealers pegging-it’s highly doubtful dealer would match a K lead-and if he Fifteens that lead we are probably going to have to dump the A or 2 to avoid a 31 for 2 or a go using up all our cards-enabling dealer to possibly have a 3 card run at the end for 4 or even worse having trips for 9- let’s play it conservatively early in the game and just count our blessings we received a good cut
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Tuesday 3:41 AM
Keeping the pair, and the potential for +1 with the Jack. Ace for a 31 since I'm leading tens.

Got lucky with the 4.
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Tuesday 4:04 AM
4 5 Queen are the starters goals today. Other times I might keep The A-2 but early and went for a few cuts. Suck it up lead one of the Kings. dec
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Tuesday 5:03 AM
hmmmm…I see Rob & Ras have picked a different lead card & with very solid explanations as to why..hmmmm again..and this pdf , from Ras’s class , about Pone initial leads is worth the read…. maybe even print it for your cribbage folder..with a K lead Ras is following his own advice today

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Tuesday 5:56 AM
If I get a trash hand, they get a trash toss.

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Tuesday 6:02 AM
Any other X card and I'd have chosen X7, but I don't like discarding Jacks.
I'll try A7.
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Tuesday 7:00 AM
Looks like the misery thus far in this game continued in to hand 2. Might have thrown (7 K) if it didn't leave me with 0 pts. As it is, don't feel I should cut even the starting 2 from my hand, and I'd like to keep the high value pegging cards and run potential in my hand with the (A-2), so off goes the suited (7 J). The offsuit 4 cut is ideal both for my hand and opponent's crib potential. Let's try hard to earn those few pegs so I can end up dealing from 1st street CPZ in next hand.
MiketheExpert says: If it is not entirely clear, choosing the Kd lead with this hand. Not likely dealer will pair, but it could happen, as it may be the "forced" or odd-on correct play. I've missed triples like this in past for being too conservative, or thinking there is no way the dealer can pair. Also, saving A-2 for the end of pegging sequence seems to offer better opportunities for a run or pairing these small cards later.
Sgt Pegger
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Tuesday 7:13 AM
All caution to the wind for me. Try to get something from nothing. Maybe we get a lucky "gut shot" or even a 5.

Play the 7 first and if they play a face, we get 2 peggerz. This hand strategy sets us up for future hands with this pone because every time we play a 7 or 8, the pone will be wondering....."hmmm last time they played a 7, they came back with a face card"!?!
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Tuesday 7:18 AM
Pondered keeping the J with the K-K. Liked keeping A-2 together. Debated tossing A-7, 2-7, and J-7. In the end, decided K-K for the 2 points, then the A-2 for pegging and cuts of 2,3, or 4.

I'll take today's cut.
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Tuesday 7:30 AM
Thanks @horus93

This represents the hands I seem to be dealt lately 😂
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Tuesday 1:44 PM
A 7. Didn’t want to throw the J.
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Tuesday 2:06 PM
(A-7) almost as low an average as (J-7), and a chance for a double run. Kd lead and offense.