April 18, 2024

*** This hand was suggested by horus93
45*-50  ?
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Thursday 3:06 AM
At this position I’ll throw the 10,7 and looking for a cut and hopefully something hit in the crib
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Thursday 3:12 AM
10/7 might get the eights and nines involved in crib. A few cuts gets the count to six to twelve. Offensive call here. dec
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Thursday 3:16 AM
Have to keep the AA2 just incase of a 3 cut. BINGO.
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Thursday 3:34 AM
Have to keep the AA2 together-the 7-10 discard could possibly garner a 4 card run and the K can be safely played on a 9 or 10 lead from pone
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Thursday 3:57 AM
Lucky cut
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Thursday 3:57 AM
The A-A-2 keep is given and the 7-10 is better than the 10-K so I guess we keep the King in our hand.
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Thursday 5:33 AM
Wanted to keep the A-A-2 together.
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Thursday 5:51 AM
Out on a limb (and the starter was more favorable for the rest of you). Maybe I'll have two pairs in the crib...
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Thursday 5:54 AM
I'm with David. They're not likely to toss me 7/8/9, but might giv me the 10 and/or K.
dph says: I thought we might also benefit from the 6 or 7 cut (and we're covered for a 5).
SallyAnn3 says: true!
Ras2829 says: Hi SallyAnn3: And A-A-2-7 is one of those great 4-card "magic elevens". Frequently scores four unanswered pegs. Play the 7 on any X-point lead, forces a five off the play, count generally advances to 27, drop the deuce for 29, "go" and A-A for 31-4. That offensive pegging potential slightly overcomes the potential better hand score of holding A-A-2-X.
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Thursday 6:22 AM
Board position and the six dealt cards are the primary discard influences. With multiple viable discard choices today it seems worth a reminding review of the ten most frequent Pone discards per Ras.


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Thursday 6:37 AM
I find today's comments very interesting. Since the 7 does not fit with the T or the K, either the 7 goes in my crib, or the T-K goes in my crib. I really don't want to give myself T-K so the 7 goes. What should I toss with the 7 if not the T or K? The 2 makes the most sense to me. So, by process of elimination, I tossed the 2-7.

But reading all comments before mine, NO ONE tossed the 2-7. Hmmm. Jumping to C. Liam Brown's website, I see that the 2-7 is his number 1 toss, alhead of 7-K by 0.4 points. Not a lot, but many people here claim that 0.1 points or so with HAL is significant in the decision making process. The toss of T-K is the 6th top choice, so my aversion to this toss appears justified.

However, I do understand that Mr. Brown's website does not take into account pegging, and the A-A-2-7 has a four card magic 11 (vs my choice of two 2 card magic 11) and I would suspect that A-A-2-7 should peg better than A_A-T-K.

Maybe I'll learn something today?
horus93 says: Yeah I think it'll be quite close. AA2T is a bit better of a pegger, surely, but is it really better enough than AATK to bridge that gap? And the best pegger would be AA27, but doubt that would that make up for the poor crib toss at least looking at Liam's numbers.
horus93 says: *AA2K I meant
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Thursday 6:39 AM
I'll try 2-7.

If the cut is a 3 I won't have the AA23 run, but I will have 2-3 in the crib which is hopefully some compensation. Ideally the cut will be a 4 anyway.

XA eleven may be useful, or at least I might be able to get the Aces in back to back at a high count.

Not so good today,
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Thursday 6:41 AM
So, I see you found my cards horus93.....you can keep em! I'm with Rob on this one. At least the hand has points. And tossing AA to the crib rarely produces much more than...2 tiny points.
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Thursday 8:00 AM
The (2-7) in the Crib has both cards working for a possible (15-2). Not so with (7-10), or (7-K), or 10-K). Didn't work out for me today. I have only half as much in my hand as others. If it's any consolation, with my first play out, I did score 4 in my Crib. If I had tossed (10-7), I would only have scored 2. Trying to find some small positive here. Lol.
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Thursday 8:24 AM
Couldn't have drawn it up much better....Try to make the most of a bad situation, and the cut solved half of the battle.
MiketheExpert says: (7 K) will be close to (7 10), but I think the 10 should be a little more likely to connect with an 8 or 9, although the K should be thrown more frequently than the 10. The K in hand also may be less prone to being scored upon during the pegging sequence.
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Thursday 9:56 AM
I threw 2 7 because I liked that better in my crib than 10 K or 7 K.
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Thursday 12:59 PM
4 card 11!

Plus any card that helps the 10's doesn't do me any good in my hand so they might as well sit in the crib.
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Thursday 3:25 PM
Just curious why two Aces in your crib is not desirable. Of course Ace, Ace, 2, 3 is good but the 3 is an unknown card when choosing the throw to the crib.
SallyAnn3 says: I'd rather have them in my hand to get pegging points.
Eolus619 says: hello Roookii...Some players prefer keeping the pair of aces for pegging potential..31/4 can happen frequently enough that it makes a dealer think about keeping them instead of discarding them. As you can see from Ras's groupings, AA is in Group II with an above average crib https://www.cribbage.org/NewSite/tips/rasmussen6.asp
Roookii says: Thank you. I don't play enough real cribbage to remember the finer points.
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Thursday 8:16 PM